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   Chapter 160 it's nothing

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Nina sat aside in silence. She bowed her head and thought for a while. When she raised her head again, she saw that Andrea was still looking at her expectantly.

"But, auntie, how can you be sure that Mr. Howard will listen to me?" Nina was not sure whether she should trust him or not. Howard was so powerful, how could he listen to her?

"Nana, I'm not wrong. He likes you, so he doesn't want Bonny. As far as she knew, Howard was cold-blooded and a little cruel sometimes, but he was grateful to Nana for what she had done for him. When I was in the hospital in England... " Speaking of this, Andrea suddenly stopped. She had no idea that Nina had transfused blood to Howard in England. And her son didn't allow her to say it out.

Andrea made a face and stuck out her tongue at Nina. She was not punctilious and soon got along well with the young people.

Nina didn't know what Andrea was going to say. But when she saw Andrea was still so naughty, she couldn't help smiling. She asked, "what?"

"What else can it be? I just want you to persuade Howard? Maybe he likes to listen to you. " She forced her phone into Nina's hand and continued, "take care of my phone, my good girl, please."

Unable to change her mind, she had to turn on Howard's phone number.

When Howard was about to board the plane, he was unhappy to see his mother's call again. So he said impatiently, "Mom, I'm boarding. Can you stop the endless fight?"

Perhaps it was because of nervousness, Nina sweated a thin layer on the tip of her nose. "I Yes, Nina. "

Hearing what Nina said, the stiff line of his face became gentle immediately. "Sweetheart, how are you getting along with Mommy? I guess, it must be very good, right? Mommy likes you so much. "

"Yes..." Nina looked at Andrea and found she really got along well with her. Andrea treated her like a daughter.

"Mr. Howard, you have resigned from the position of president, haven't you?" Asked Nina carefully.

"Yes." It was easy for him to answer, but Nina sensed a hint of sadness in his undetectable voice.

There should be some unwillingness to leave! After all, anyone who was in such a high position would feel uncomfortable.

"Why did you do that?" Nina's eyes flashed with worry. Even if she hated the deception of Howard, but all these had nothing to do with the employees of the Hua financial tycoon. If Howard left the Hua financial tycoon, would the tycoon keep status in the business sector?

What if so many employees of Hua group lost their jobs?

"What I did has nothing to do with you!" Howard said in a cold voice, "I'm boarding."

With that, he ended the call.

Glancing at her phone, Nina had no choice but to hand it to Andrea. "I'm sorry, Auntie..."

"What's this brat going to do?" Andrea sighed.

"Auntie, maybe It was

ant to argue with him about the title of "my lady", so she agreed.

Nina took a few deep breaths before she went into the coffee shop.

she was in an elegant environment and played a piano music by Richie.

In such an environment, everyone would get solemnly, even if they were ordinary Playboys.

Nina looked carefully at her dress today. It was a casual denim dress, but fortunately, it was pretty good.

She encouraged herself in her mind, "Nina, come on!"

Even so, she still felt scared for no reason.

She lowered her head, bit her lip and walked forward timidly.

"Is that Miss Nina?"

Nina raised her head and found two black mountain like people standing in front of her.

they must be Carlos' bodyguard.

"I am..." Said Nina in a trembling voice.

So she pinched her own palm hard. Why did she become so scared? She had not met her yet?

"His lordship is waiting for you in room three." Another black mountain said.

Nina peeked at the coffee shop where several people were drinking coffee. There were plenty of seats for people, so what room did he prefer.

No. 3? No. 3?

What did he mean?

Did Carlos want her to leave with Mr. Howard? She didn't want to talk about it in a straightforward way. Besides, in the eyes of the outsiders, it was meaningless that Nina had anything to do with the man called Howard!

The so-called lover or not was just conjecture, and no one had evidence, didn't they?

With this in mind, Nina stood straight, raised her hand and knocked on the door of room 3.

"Come in." The voice sounded a little old.

Nina pushed the door open and walked in. Before Carlos could speak, she said first, "uncle, I have nothing to do with Mr. Howard."

After saying that, she stood up nervously with her hands grasping her skirt.

She looked like a student waiting for her teacher's punishment.

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