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   Chapter 159 trailing my heart

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10234

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"Grandpa?" After Howard hung up, he quickly opened the door and let Mr. Allen in.

"Mr. Howard, I want to ask you, were you talking with Nina on the phone just now?"

Touching his chin, Howard guessed that Bonny had told his grandfather about what happened between them.

"Yes." He didn't want to escape.

"Do you really want to marry a village girl?" Allen's eyes burned with indescribable anger.

"Grandpa, even if I marry a village girl, I can support the family, right?"

Thanks to the fact that Mr. Allen was in the car, his crutch was useless. If he had been outside, the crutch might have already hit to Howard.

"Don't even think about marrying a village girl! Unless I die! " Allen's face turned red with anger, "I was wondering why you've suddenly put Bonny in jail. It turns out that you have planned it for a long time. She's in your way, isn't she?"

"Grandfather, I love Nina. Could you let me follow my heart for once?"

"Don't tell me that you love whom. What can love do? Unlike your grandma, I married into a rich family. But we have a happy life together. " Allen said loudly.

"The times are different now, grandfather..." He lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply.

"Anyway, I don't agree!" Allen insisted.

Lowering his head, Howard stepped on the gas without saying a word.

"You son of a bitch, don't turn a deaf ear to my words. You pissed me off, I will change the president." Mr. Allen was still threatening Howard.

After all, men were supposed to care about status.

Moreover, Howard had been accustomed to living a life with privilege and privilege.

"Grandfather, you can choose whatever you like. As you said, Nina is a village girl. At the worst, I'm going to be a farmer. Well, if you agree, the farmer and the village girl are perfectly matched, right?"

"Mr. Howard, you Do you want to piss me off? " Allen was so angry that his body was trembling.

"You said you would take care of Grandpa yourself, but I did as you said. Why are you still angry with me?" Howard said with wild passion.

"Great! You are so awesome! I'll call you right now!" With his hands trembling, Allen held the phone. How he hoped that Howard would stop him right now, and how he hoped that he would say, "Grandpa, I'm wrong. Don't call me. I'll break up with Nina right away.".

However, Allen's hand shivered for a while and he still kept unmoved when he saw the expression on Howard's face.

"You brat, if I don't teach you a lesson, you won't know I'm your grandpa, will you?" Allen yelled at him angrily.

"Even if I become a farmer, you are still my grandfather." Said Howard in an extremely calm way.

"Boy, if you really become a farmer, I won't take you as my grandson." With his hands trembling, Allen dialed the number.

Hearing his grandfather's words, Howard laughed. To his surprise, Howard also laughed. He said, "Grandpa, it's up to you."

It's so shameless of him to let Allen do whatever he wants, isn't it just to provoke Mr. Allen's absolute authority in the Hua family? '?

o quarrel with each other, but he would be unhappy if her grandfather asked him to leave home?

Therefore, Carlos could only ask Andrea to persuade Howard.

Howard looked at the white clouds and the blue sky in the sky. Well, do you want to live in the idyllic life?

Since then, why should he regret!

"Mom, nothing special. You know that I have resigned from the position of the president of Hua group, and I want to live in the idyllic life with ease. You also like it, don't you?"

Andrea was shocked, "but what about the Hua financial tycoon? Son, you should think twice. "

As a woman of the Hua family, she must put the Hua financial tycoon in her heart all the time. She had always been proud of her son, but she absolutely didn't want it to end up in her son's hands.

You are the only son of the Hua family!

"Mom, stop it. I'm going back by plane now." With these words, he drew back his phone.

"Nina, could you please help me to persuade Howard to not give up his job as the president of Hua group? Well, what should we do now?" Holding Nina's hand, Andrea anxiously shed tears.

"Why is that?"

Andrea shook her head.

Although none of them said the reason, they had almost guessed it.

They hadn't reached an agreement in certain respect.

Therefore, his insistence on revenge led to such a result.

But if Nina knew that you fell out with Grandpa because of her, she would blame herself.

She wouldn't deserve his love.

Nina was wondering if she should call Howard.

At this time, the mobile phone showed that there was a call from Max.

Nina answered the phone.

"Nana, I have a good news for you. Bonny is now in Britain and she will not come to China anymore. She won't take Howard away from you anymore. Nana, I'm so happy to hear this news. She deserved it. A vicious woman like her deserves such a punishment. "

Max went on without stopping, but Nina's heart was sinking.

Was it because of the accident that Howard resigned from the president of the Hua group?

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