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   Chapter 158 a separation (Part Two)

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"I was wrong, Grandpa. Please help me." Bonny begged. She never had such feelings before.

"It's not that grandpa doesn't want to help you, but that I can't." Allen refused.

Bonny was desperate. She sneered in her mind, 'since you are so unkind to me, how can I make any trouble for you?'!

"Grandpa, do you think Howard can keep your nose clean in China? In fact, he didn't do that. He had been together with Nina, who was like a village girl. Not only that, but also Howard had invested money in her father. Grandfather, Howard has never been a good child in your heart, and he can treat me today. Aren't you afraid that he will treat you like this tomorrow? "

Allen froze and said, "Bonny, why are you so defeated? I asked you to go to China, but you didn't follow his heart. Instead, you even put yourself in prison. But I believe that you are just messing with that woman. How could Howard marry a village girl judging from Howard's current family background? "

In Allen's mind, family background was the only standard of marriage.

So he had always wanted Bonny to be his granddaughter in law. He liked Bonny not only because he loved her, but also because he valued her family background.

How could Mr. Allen allow Howard to marry a village girl?

Second, even if Howard could not be with Bonny, he should choose a young lady instead of Nina.

"Grandpa, Howard wants to marry Nina. He sent me here to marry her. I'm their obstacle. Grandpa, you cannot believe what I say. You can ask Mr. Howard himself. " Said Bonny.

Then he walked out on his crutches.

Bonny said with a sneer.

Howard lit a cigarette and made another call to Nina. Now he could call her loudly.


l and performed a B-ultrasound examination. Andrea grinned ear to ear when she saw the twins.

She was busy cooking delicious food for Nina, helping her to find fetal education music and calculate the delivery date for her.

She was the best mother-in-law in the world.

In this way, Nina was less lonely.

It was at night when all was still that she thought of Howard.

She wondered what would happen between Howard and Bonny.

When Howard called Nina again, he forgot about the jet lag.

Nina was still asleep.

Suddenly she got a call from Mr. Howard, she was a little nervous. "Mr. Howard?"

"Sweetheart, it's me. I have a good news for you. I will be back soon."

"Yes." Nina replied noncommittally.

Her brain was kind of short out, and she didn't even know if she was asleep or awake.

Right at this moment, Nina heard a roar from the phone.

"Mr. Howard, could you please tell me who Nina is? What's your relationship with her? "

"Grandpa..." He sounded a little nervous.

"Mr. Howard..." Nina didn't know what happened, so she wanted to ask, only to find that Mr. Howard had turned off his phone.

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