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   Chapter 157 a separation (Part One)

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Bonny had never dreamed that she would end up in jail.

If she had known that this was all Howard's plan, she would not have unveiled the Demons.

However malicious she was, she was just a woman who was easily lost in love.

But in fact, Bonny didn't love Howard at all? Not necessarily!

But more importantly, she was possessive of him. Since she was taken good care of by Howard when she was a child, Bonny regarded Howard as her possession forever.

It had nothing to do with love!

In other words, she was possessive about him.

Nina stood in front of the window and watched as Mr. Howard and Bonny boarded the plane.

She saw that Howard looked at the window where she was after he got on the helicopter.

Knowing that Nina was here, he expected her to wait for him.

Nina didn't hide this time. She and Howard were looking at each other until they couldn't see the helicopter.

Nina was a little panic and she was almost like beggar who was separated from her.

The beggar had never returned? Could it be the case?

Nina smiled bitterly. What did it matter to her whether Howard would come back or not?

Why did he say that he would give her an explanation? Nina shook her head and said, "I shouldn't believe Howard. If I trust him, he will hurt me."

At this time, Max called Nina.

"Nana, what did you say to Shirley? Why is he crying? " Max said angrily.

"Max, didn't we make a deal? They are all fake, aren't they? He can't take it seriously, right? " Replied Nina.

"Exactly? I guess that Shirley falls in love with you. By the way, he is going to Britain. Why don't you send him back? " When Max just woke up today, the servant told

iveness, Bonny had a complete breakdown.

"I want to see grandpa!"

"I'll ask my grandfather to come and see you, Bonny."

Bonny had settled down. However, she lost her chance to defend herself in front of the law.

After Howard walked out of the court, he felt an unprecedented relief.

Then he called his grandpa and told him what happened to Bonny.

Allen thought for a while and said, "Mr. Howard, you are too cruel to Bonny."

Though Allen knew Bonny's personality, he watched bonny grow up. If he married with the Su family, the business path of the Howard would be more smooth.

It seemed that this was all his wishful thinking.

"Grandpa, Bonny wants to see you." "Will you come here?" he asked

"Yes," said Allen on his crutch.

Bonny rushed to Allen as soon as she saw him, "Grandpa, save me. I love both of you and Howard. You know that, right?"

Allen nodded. "But Bonny, if you have a crush on him, you should have been by his side from the very beginning instead of hiding it from him. You know that he wore the mask for such a long time just to find out the murderer of the explosion."

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