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   Chapter 155 the best love in the world

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10173

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It turned out that the car of Bob was following the car of Shirley.

If Shirley went back to Howard's villa on his way, Bob would not lay a hand on Shirley.

Bob wasn't a cruel person, but today, Shirley indeed had an ulterior motive. He took Nina on his back and didn't drive to the villa of Howard.

Because Nina was in a bad mood, she didn't care about the route of the Shirley's car.

Originally, Bob was pretty sure that the reason why he came to meet them was not that Shirley wanted to send Nina to the Howard's villa.

Bob took Nina back to the villa of Howard.

"I'm sorry, my lady. We didn't mean to make things difficult for you today. We can't just give you orders," replied Bob

In a furious voice, Nina shouted, "don't call me Mrs. Nina, who am I to you? Get out!"

"Yes, sir!" As a matter of fact, he had already taken Nina as Howard's lady. He didn't call her "my lady" before because she hadn't seen Howard's true face.

Today, Howard had taken off his mask. That was why Bob called her ladyship.

In Nina's eyes, this kind of address was extremely ridiculous.

The engagement ceremony between Howard and Bonny was still going on, while Bob was calling her lady.

When Nina shouted Bob out, she looked at the empty big living room and cried.

She ran upstairs and locked herself in the room.

She lay on the bed with her clothes, letting her tears run down.

She didn't answer the phone calls from Shirley.

Later on, she got many messages from him, but Nina didn't read them.

Nina took out the broken concentric knot. Last time she had almost torn the tassels, but this time she was even more desperate, directly tearing them off.

Howard was not there, but why didn't it wake her up?

She wanted to tear it into pieces, but she didn't want to throw it away.

Just like her past with beggar, it was so bad, but she was reluctant to forget.

Nina held the concentric knot in her hand and fell asleep like this.

It was already the second half of the night when Howard came back. Bonny was so excited today that Howard had to accompany her.

Bonny's dream came true at last.

She almost called Carlos and Andrea dad and mom.

After the engagement ceremony, Mr. Carlos called Bonny to his side.

Carlos said sincerely, "Bonny, from now on, you will be the daughter-in-law of the Hua family. You must put the interests of the Howard first, and the interests of the Hua family first."

"Yes, uncle ." Bonny agreed without hesitation.

In the Hua family, Carlos treated her better than Andrea did.

"Since we are here, I will be frank with you. Demons are the murderer of the explosion. If he is not punished, I'm not happy with it. So you have to promise me to help Howard and let the Demons be sent in as soon as possible, so that he will be relieved."

Bonny was stunned. "Uncle ."

Mr. Carlos took a sip of tea and looked up at Bonny indifferently.

His eyes were less dignified.

Bonny didn't dare to say anything more.

Mr. Carlos was

loved you, but she couldn't scream.

She just knew that she smiled happily. She hooked the beggar's neck, and the beggar took her up. In the spring breeze of the Michelle, the beggar spun her.

"Beggar..." In a low voice, she murmured, "is that you? Did you come back? "

Nina held back Howard's hand tightly. She frowned, as if she was afraid that the beggar would leave.

"Honey, it's me. I'm beggar. I'm back." How could he leave Nina alone?

Howard looked at Nina, who had suddenly opened her eyes.

She gave Howard a silent look. But he took it for granted that Nina woke up and was about to leave.

Nina smiled at him. "Beggar, it's wonderful that you're back."

With these words, she made an obeisance to Howard and closed her eyes to sleep again.

Howard took off the towel, helped Nina take off her clothes, removed the flowers on her head, and took off the towel on her own, lying beside her.

He hugged Nina, like before.

The pleasant smell of Nina's hair and her longing smell made him sleep soundly.

The next day, when Nina woke up, she felt a bit pain in her head. She pinched her temples and woke up from her dream.

What he saw was a concentric knot hanging on the bedside.

She remembered clearly that she had torn them into pieces, but now they were as good as before.

Or is it just a dream? '? Nina pinched herself hard.

Taking a deep breath in pain, she continued, "what a mysterious world it is! It's obvious that something has been destroyed, but how can it be as good as before after a night?"

Nina muttered to herself.

When she looked at the underwear, Nita understood that someone entered her room.

Bonny would not be so kind to unite together. She was an intruder, and it was already surprising that she didn't destroy the party.

It must be Bonny or Howard.

"Howard, you are a hypocritical hungry wolf!" Remembering the scene that Mr. Hua let Allen hit Xia by Lord Hua with his own strength last night, en Yunzhong couldn't help but scold.

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