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   Chapter 154 get together

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10027

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Among all the things, Nina didn't know where to find her. Luckily, she had Shirley; otherwise, she didn't know she would fall down at that moment.

She saw Bonny made a vow and that Mr. Howard put an engagement ring on Bonny.

She saw Andrea and Carlos.

When she saw Andrea's anxious look, she smiled. Did Andrea also not want to see her!

She used to call Andrea mom.

Nina didn't cry. She raised her goblet in her hand to Andrea.

What was Andrea hinting at? Why was she waving to her!

Nina didn't want to guess anything.

She would feel dizzy whether she drank it or not.

She broke free of Shirley's grip and said to him, "I need to go to the ladies' room. Don't follow me."

Nina staggered out, and Shirley did not follow. But Shirley found Max, and said, "Max, Nina is in the bathroom. As a man, it's inconvenient for a man to follow her. Please go and take care of her."

"Okay." Max hastily ran to the bathroom.

But when she just arrived at the bathroom, she saw Andrea walk in.

Max stopped and slowly walked out.

Nina cried sadly in the bathroom. She covered her mouth and tears kept falling.

"Beggar, why do you do this to me? I love you so much."

Suddenly someone handed her a handkerchief. "Nana, trust me, Mr. Howard. He still loves you."

It was a familiar voice from Andrea.

Turning around, Nina found Andrea was crying.

"My dear child, I am sorry to make you suffer this." Andrea said while trying to shed tears.

"Aunt ..."

Holding Nina, Andrea said, "silly girl, you should call me mom."

"But the beggar doesn't want me anymore." Nina was heartbroken, "why do you all lie to me? Why?"

she had released all her feelings and worries.

She held Andrea and cried heartily.

Andrea patted her on the back and comforted her, "Nina, I don't know what to say. Bonny, alas Willful. I think you have already seen it. But, for the sake of me, Nina, please let me beg you to keep the baby. I will arrange you well, okay? "

"Auntie, but I am not the machine to give birth! Even if I want to have children, I love them, not for the Hua family. " Said Nina.

Max was listening outside the door. Her good impression towards Andrea was suddenly shattered.

Who were the Hua families? They only cared about their descendants. Had they ever thought about Nina's current situation and feelings!

Max returned to the banquet hall indignantly.

In fact, his mother Andrea didn't mean what she said. She just worried that if one day his father regretted marrying her, Howard would come back to her.

If Nina had a child, they wouldn't have ended their friendship.

If Nina knew that he had an abortion because of Bonny and Howard's engagement, she might not forgive Howard even if he tried to restore her memory.

Andrea didn't want to leave when she heard Howard's words. However, as their parents, it was impossible to make Howard change his mind.

"Nana, I'm doing this for your own good. I don't want y

as shining as ever when he left.

One of them marveled, "it seems that they are a perfect match."

Howard raised his lip and clenched his fists.

"Bob, you know what to do, right?" His voice was as cold as the devil's and even Bonny could not help feeling scared by his expression.

"Yes, Mr. Howard." It was not easy to be Howard's bodyguard, so she figured that he had no intention of saying something. But having followed you for so many years, Bob and Howard had reached an unspeakable tacit agreement.

"Howard, are you going to kill Shirley?" Bonny didn't know why she was a little afraid of Howard.

"It's none of your business." Howard said coldly.


"No buts." Howard screamed aloud.

Bonny didn't say anything.

Howard was in a terrible mood. Even though he knew that Max and Nina were working together to punish him, such punishment would still make his heart ache.

He felt even more sorry for Nina.

He even couldn't imagine what he would be like after losing Nina.

The only thing he needed to do now was to prevent Nina from leaving him.

Very soon, Bob and his men caught up with the car.

They cornered the car.

"What are you going to do?" asked Shirley as she got off the car

Bob took a step forward. "We want you to be responsible for what you said and did tonight."

"Did I say anything wrong?" Shirley was confused.

"Yes, you are wrong. Call me." Bob took a step back, and his bodyguards rushed up to Shirley and beat him up.

"Bob, stop!" Nina wanted to shout wildly.

"My lady, it's young master's order. We dare not disobey." As he gestured to a person to coerce Nina to leave.

"Take lady Nina back!" Bob ordered coldly.

"Bob, we are not eloping. Why did you fight against Shirley! Let him go. I'll go with you! " Said Nina.

Finally, Bob let go of Shirley.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Shirley cursed, "Damn it!"

he could do nothing but watch Bob pushing Nina into the car.

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