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   Chapter 153 looking at her with new eyes

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"This is for you from Nina ," said Shirley, taking a large bouquet of roses

"We are acting. Don't take it seriously," said Nina Although she said so, she still lowered her head and had a smell. "Thank you."

"It's just a bunch of flowers. Even if it's a show, it's also reasonable for me to send you a bunch of flowers as a gift." "It's not appropriate for you to attend Allen's engagement ceremony in this suit," said Steven while looking at Nina

"I don't care." Nina shrugged her shoulders.

"It only takes half an hour to hand you over to me. What do you think?" Putting his hand on Nina's shoulder, Shirley looked at her with a smile in his deep and good-looking eyes.

Nina was a little embarrassed by his stare. "Are you a makeup artist?"

To be exact, I am a stylist. "

"Oh, no wonder he is so stylish." Nina looked at him, finding that this man's figure was similar to that of Howard.

"Then you can rest assured to let me take care of you."

Although Nina didn't like this handsome guy, she didn't hate him, because he didn't look like a bad guy.

"Find all your clothes," Shirley let go of Nina.

"Got it." Nina ran upstairs and took out the clothes that Mr. Howard bought for her, which were new

"It doesn't matter who gets new, the new one or old one. The most important thing is the matching," He helped Nina select her clothes carefully.

And then he combed her hair and put a little rose on it.

Her dress was dark green, but now her collar was revealed.

Nina wore a round pearl necklace, which made her neck more attractive.

She had become maturer than before.

Shirley's eyes widened in shock.

He repeatedly praised her, "you are so beautiful. I'm sure that you will be the brightest star tonight."

"Thank you, Shirley." It made Nina moved that a man could do all these for her.

"You are my design. I should thank you more." "From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to invite you to be my female companion!" said Shirley as he looked at Nina. He stretched out his arm and gazed at her

Nina rubbed her hands shyly.

"Just a female companion, huh?" So he put Nina's hand on his arm.

Sitting on the car, Nina felt uneasy. She didn't know how Howard would look when she appeared together with Shirley.

But it suddenly dawned on her that she was overthinking. Since Mr. Howard was busy with socializing, how could he care about her

She thought randomly all the way.

The car finally stopped at the entrance of the Hua family's mansion. Nina had been here before. What would happen if she saw Andrea?

Pretending to be the first time they met? Or is she pretending not to know her? '?

When Nina was still in a tangle, Shirley had opened the car door.

"Please come in." Shirley stretched out his arm like a gentleman, and Nina instinctively put her hand on his arm.

Nina wore a pair of shiny Beige high heels and a long skirt, looking fashionable, elegant and graceful.

And it amazed the journalists.

"Is that the famous international model, Shirley?" A reporter recognized him.

"Mr. Howard is so powerful that even internat

He just wanted to say that Nina was pregnant with his child and he was going to get engaged to Bonny.

"Max, today is the day that I will be engaged to Bonny." Howard coldly cut in.

Nina and Shirley had walked to the stage. The flashlight followed them all the way through the red carpet, which made her difficult to open her eyes.

Now he was at the end of the red carpet, but he saw the people around him looking at somewhere in surprise.

Followed the eyes of the people, Nina's blood froze.

"Beggar..." Nina murmured.

She stood still as if the world had disappeared.

"Miss Nina, Nina..." murmured Shirley, but Nina still didn't respond.

She wanted to cry, but she felt like a lump of cotton in her chest, and her tears were solidified as well.

"Nina. This is my husband, Howard. You'd better watch out!" Bonny had a clear understanding of their past, so she knew who beggar Nina mentioned.

Without setting too much eyes on Nina, Howard dared not to look directly at her wounded eyes.

Her eyes were full of expectation for the beggar's return.

But now, he wasn't a beggar, but the man who was engaged to Bonny.

Facing the crowd, he swept his gaze across the shocked crowd and said, "you heard it right, and you didn't get it wrong. I'm Mr. Howard. As for my original face, it's just a mask. "

Sorrow could be heard all over his face.

"Mr. Howard, you're so handsome!"

"Yes, you are right. So many women are thinking of you now!"

"You mean Mr. Howard is going to get engaged, right?"

"Oh, what a monster!" A woman's voice sounded behind them.

If it were not for Shirley, she would have been paralyzed to the ground.

The reason why Howard disguised himself was to get engaged to Bonny.

How could he be so cruel, regardless of her feelings! Even if she was wearing a mask, she could lie to herself that the beggar and Howard were not the same person.

She would make it through.

But now? '!

How could she face the man who had been her husband.

Nina wanted to run away, but her legs were as heavy as lead.

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