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   Chapter 152 don't take it seriously

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Nina wiped the water from her face and said, "no one in the world can cheat me like a beggar. I've cheated you last time, and I won't do it again. So, I'll make my own decision. Can you promise me?"

"You know I am..." Howard wanted to tell her the truth, but it was too hard?

"I know nothing, Mr. Howard. The only thing I know is that you are going to be engaged to Bonny." Nina asked with discontent.

"But that's not true." Howard whispered.

Uh huh. She smiled loudly but sadly, "false. It's false again. But, Mr. Howard, I really don't understand. What is real in your world? Do you have something real? "

Howard's heart trembled. He put Nina's hand on his chest, and said in a low and deep voice, "the heartbeat here is real, just for you. Understand?"

Nina drew back her hand in disdain and said in grief and indignation, "Mr. Howard, I will never trust you again, never!"

Then she turned around and walked out.

"Wow, how pure!" Shirley stood up and clapped his hands.

Of course it was exaggeration. But Nina had just been forced to wash her face by Mr. Howard. Water kept dripping from her face. Her hair was a little messy and her eyes were misty. She looked pure.

And so charming.

Wearing a forced smile, Nina said, "thank you."

"Can you tell me your phone number?" Said Shirley sincerely.

Looking at Max, Nina wondered where she had found this person.

It will make Howard jealous. Please don't take it seriously.

"Act like a good actress." Max came over and whispered to Nina.

"All right." Nina took out her phone and said, "I'll call you."

"You can call me if you want.".

Meanwhile, Howard also washed his face.

After all, he was still the fake face.

Howard tore apart the mask madly for a while, and he was anxious to see that mask.

"Howard, are they well matched?" Bonny said as she saw Howard came out. She pointed at Shirley, who was exchanging phone numbers, and said to Nina.

Howard snorted coldly and said nothing.

"All right, now that I have left my contact information, I have fulfilled my task as the matchmaker. Shirley, let's go back." Max blinked at Nina and said, "Nana, if you like the Shirley, remember to keep in touch."

"Okay." Nina replied half heartedly.

"I will contact her. Please wait for my call!" "Okay. Thank you, Nina.".

"Okay." Nina didn't think she had anything to say except saying one word.

She knew nothing about Shirley?

"Bonny, nice to see you again. By the way, give me your engagement invitation. I don't want to trouble your man." Max stretched out her hand.

Howard gnashed his teeth and glared at Max.

But his intention to murder was ignored by Max.

Bonny was always preparing for the invitation!

Taking out two pieces of paper, she handed one to Max, and the other to Shirley. "I'm sure you'll come."

"Of course!" Said Shirley, smiling.

Then he waved to Nina and walked out with Max.

Howard followed her out and went to the garden. Then he said to Max seriously, "Max, don't go too far!"

"Mr. Howard, you know I don't like being threatened. Who do you think is too much, me or

some face showed up perfectly.

Hearing that, Howard smiled with satisfaction. He finally solved his disguise and wanted to tell the news to Nina.

But, would she be as happy as him?

Or was it because he was really shocked?

Maybe she didn't care at all.

Thinking of that "Shirley", Howard frowned unhappily.

Then he turned around and walked into the bathroom.

He needed a good shower to figure out what to do next?

As long as Bonny testifiied in court, the Demons would be doomed.

The day for Bonny and Howard's engagement came soon.

The next day was the engagement day of Howard and Bonny.

Nina hadn't seen Howard for a whole day.

he must be busy with his engagement with Bonny.

In other words, Howard didn't want her to be engaged to Bonny.

It was a bit cloudy and the wind at night was a bit cold.

Nina felt that the weather was just in line with her mood.

It was all right. She didn't have to pretend to be happy anyway.

She dressed up a little, put on a light makeup and put on a long purple dress. She felt good about herself.

But at the thought of taking the heavy baby to their father's engagement ceremony, she felt it absurd.

But this was the reality, a little cruel, that he had to face and accept.

Dinner was ready, but Nina didn't feel hungry at all.

She sat at the table for a while and then Max called, "Nana, don't take things too hard. Let's go to attend Howard's engagement ceremony, and I've already asked Shirley to pick you up. You just wait. We'll watch the engagement between Howard and Bonny, shit!"

"Yes, of course I will go!" Nina picked up the bread on the table and bit it hard.

At this time, there was a sound of car outside. Nina knew that it must be that "Shirley" came.

But how could he drive a limited edition Lincoln?

'maybe it was Ethan who lent it to him, ' thought Nina.

Nina didn't ask him about his job or family, but her conscious told her that he was an ordinary person, who had a normal family and job.

Because she didn't love him, she wouldn't care too much.

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