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   Chapter 151 the blind date

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Howard threw Nina on the sofa gently and turned to the kitchen.

Bonny walked up to them with a square book of her wedding dress. She sat down next to Nina and said, "Miss Nina, you look unhappy, don't you?"

Well, Nina turned her head away.

"I don't mind if you don't look at it. But, how about this engagement dress?" Bonny showed the book in front of her forcibly and said, "the diamond on it is my favorite. Do you think it is beautiful?"

Nina ignored it.

"And this is Howard's white suit. I guess Howard must look very handsome in it!" Said Bonny.

Nina felt that her whole body was burning, and her face was very hot. She reached out and touched her face, regardless of the mud on her hands.

Bonny laughed and whispered to Nina, "you are ugly and rude!"

"I like it, and you don't want to stay away from me, do you?" Nina said with despise.

Just then, Howard came out from the kitchen with a cup of coffee in his hand.

When he was about to ask Bonny to get the glass, he saw the red Maserati parking in the garden.

Hearing what he saw, Howard smiled in an almost inaudible way. How could Max act like a gust of wind. At least she was pregnant. How could Ethan let her drive on her own.

In fact, Howard didn't know that it was not because of Ethan's negligence in taking care of her at all, but because of Max's stubbornness in stopping Ethan from doing that.

And just when Ethan wanted to drive into the house, Max got out of the car and stopped him.

"Ethan, I am going to find a husband for Nina. What are you doing here? Go home and do your job. "

There was nothing he could do about it. He watched his wife walking into the house of Howard with a handsome man.

Just as Howard was waiting for Ethan to get out of the car, something unexpected happened. A man walked out from the passenger seat of Max's car. He did not know who the man was.

Shirley looked around the mansion. All of them were painted in beige main hues, making it majestic and grand.

It was the first time he had seen such a huge garden. He narrowed his eyes with a smile, only to find that the woman who was looking for a husband was a rich lady.

He smiled and thought that if it was really a beautiful call, he might as well have a talk with her.

"Let's go, Shirley." Said Max.

Howard didn't move. He just watched the man and the woman coming in.

"Max? Why are you here again? " Bonny frowned and looked unhappy.

But Max just ignored her.

"Max, who is he?" Howard asked coldly.

Max glanced at Howard and did not say anything.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Shirley," Shirley introduced herself like a gentleman

"What are you doing here?" Bonny asked.

"I Are you here for your wife? "

Howard grasped her and said, "Max, you'd better make it clear to me, why do you bring this man to my house?"

"Calm down, sir. You can't hit

ou. I like you, too. You're so handsome!"

Nina felt sick of what she said.

But she had no choice. Howard came out, and she told herself to cooperate with Max.

At the very least, she couldn't let Max's money be wasted.

"Howard, I think they are good." Bonny didn't care whether the man was right or not. As long as Nina was married, she could rest assured and only put in a good word for herself.

"It's great even if you didn't look at it. Anyway, no one would say no to such a handsome man like Shirley. He's much more handsome than some men!" Said Max in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Howard nodded and thought, 'that's right. We can work together to fight against him, right?

"It's getting dirtier. What are you going to do with it?" In a fit of anger, Howard broke free from Shirley's grip. "Go wash your face. Do you know what's wrong with that man?"

Howard took the tissue from Shirley and dragged Nina to the bathroom.

"He must be the elder son of you two, and he should take care of everything," Shirley said in confusion.

"Oh, my God! You misunderstood him! He is not parent here! He is the owner of this house!" Said Max in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

"So that's how it is. I will take Nina out of here as soon as possible if I can talk to her!" Now, Shirley was getting more and more excellent.

Perhaps, he had a crush on her.

This girl was so different from other girls he had met before.

After all, he had been in the fashion circle for a long time. The people he met were the most fashionable and fashionable people. But he had never seen such a vulgar girl.

It was a different feeling!

It was also a happy thing to have a girl like her around!

Howard pressed Nina's face into the washbasin and washed it.

"Baby, you know what? That man is a playboy. Don't play with him. You will be cheated by him and you can't find a place to cry. Understand?"

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