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   Chapter 150 international models

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If so, then Max would lose her temper.

What did Ethan do wrong.

Howard, what the hell are you talking about?

"Ethan, listen to me. I'll make Howard apologize to Nina. Huh! How dare he bully her! Have you had enough?" Saying that, Max stood up, picked up the car key and left.

"Hey, honey, where are you going?" Ethan shouted nervously.

"Go find a husband for Nana." Max answered without looking back.

"Find a husband?" "Max, you are such a black sheep. Since Nina is the woman of Howard, how dare you find a husband for her?" said Ethan, shocked

"You are afraid of Howard, aren't you? But I am not. If you are afraid that Howard will blame you, just pretend that you don't know, okay? "

Actually, Ethan really wanted to tell this to Howard, but when he heard this, he thought for a while and then put his phone away.

Pretending not to know nothing is okay, but you can't allow your wife to search for a husband all over the world for Nina!

Ethan hurriedly grabbed his clothes and followed her. "Honey, wait for me. I'll go with you!"

When Ethan came out, he saw that Max had already drove the newly bought red Maserati away.

Max drove the car and pulled over slowly, and Ethan drove slowly following behind.

To be honest, she didn't know where to find a handsome guy. She had eliminated all the men she had in her wechat moments, and found that no one was more beautiful than the beggar.

Max drove the car to the airport soon.

Max thought that she might meet a handsome guy who got a doctor's degree and received training there.

Our PK is about Howard. He has money, good looks and a high status.

So she had to find a man who looked like him.

After waiting for a long time, a lot of people came out from the airport, but it was rare to find the one Max wants.

"I do have a wife. I don't need a woman," he said curtly as Max walked up to one of them

'damn it! He's selling me!'.

Ethan thought that Max would retreat after the impossible, so he took a nap in the car and found that Max was eating bread on the roadside.

Ethan smiled helplessly. "Honey, if your work is so persistent, you will have a big harvest. It is not only the accountant of a cosmetics company."

Ethan got off the car, went to a small supermarket by the roadside, bought two bottles of water and threw one bottle to Max.

"Honey, it's daytime now. Where are you going to find a husband for Nina? He probably takes you as a liar! " Ethan persuaded.

Max squeezed the bread into Ethan's arms and said, "Ethan, go back to the car and eat the bread. Nobody dares to come here."

"Oh, is that because I'm very handsome?" So Ethan exchanged a knowing look with Max.

"You are so bad. You are like a thug. Any handsome guy will be scared away by you. Let's go." "Okay, okay. But don't forget to tell Mr. Howard.".

Ethan could do nothing but listen to his wife!

After getting in his car, he sat on the backseat and began to eat the remaining half piece of bread that Max gave him.

Max poured a bottle of water into her stomach, wiped her mouth, wore her hat over her head and raised her toes to look at the direction of the airport.


I have told you that Nina looked like a farm girl. Look at her, do you think that she looks like a farm girl standing on the farmland?"

But he didn't care whether Nina was like a village girl or not. What he cared about was how could Nina, who was squatting down with a grass, not go out with it.

"It's just a plant. You can destroy it in many ways, not necessary to pull it out." Howard walked over, stretched out his right foot, and lightly stepped on the plant that Nina could not pull out. With the running of his shining black shoes, the root of the grass was broken.

"Howard, put away your stinky feet. It's none of your business!" Nina was like a little beast that had been bullied. She picked up a stone and smashed it on the foot of Howard.

Howard bit his lips out of pain, but he still stepped on that half dead grass and didn't move his feet away. All right.

"Nina, are you crazy?" Bonny shouted angrily.

"Miss Nina, it's hot. Let's go back to our room." The gardener advised timely.

However, as if she hadn't heard what he said, Nina still bit her lips and hit Howard's foot again and again with the stone.

It seemed that only in this way could she ease the pain in her heart a little bit with less hatred in her face.

But she couldn't. the longer Howard didn't leave, the more she hated him

At last, she felt tired and her arm ached. She threw the stone and sat on the ground.

"Is that enough? Then go back to your room! " Regardless of the pain in his foot, Howard picked up Nina and went back to the villa with her in both hands.

"Nina, are you really a vicious woman?" Said Bonny with resentment.

Even if she was jealous, she would go crazy with only one word between Howard and Nina.

How could Howard let that happen?

'it's so weird. What's wrong with your foot? Can't you feel the pain?

There was no way that his foot had no nerves? Compared with the pain in the heart, the pain in feet was almost negligible.

That's right. When Howard saw Nina's determined and sorrowful eyes, he could not help feeling heartbroken.

That's why he allowed her to do that!

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