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   Chapter 148 take advantage of Bonny

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Howard knew that his grandpa would call, but he didn't expect it would come so soon.

The next day, Allen called and asked about the Demons.

As far as Howard knew, it was Bonny who told everything to Mr. Allen.

"Grandpa, can you stand the murderer of your grandson get away with law?"

Allen thought for a while and said, "it's okay to let Demons be executed, but on one condition with me, you must be engaged to Bonny as soon as possible."

Howard smiled noncommittally, and even felt that his grandfather's decision was too hasty and absurd.

"Grandfather, Bonny has known that the murder is a Demons, but she never tells me that she has a hidden crime. Now you actually want me to get engaged to her. Don't you think it is ridiculous?"

"Come on, Howard, don't you have no shame? Don't haggle over every ounce. " His heart was softened by Bonny's tears.

"No matter what you say, Grandpa. They must accept legal sanction!" With that, he ended the call.

But it was not as simple as he thought.

As expected, the police released the Demons with insufficient evidence.

Hearing the news, Howard was depressed for several days.

As a matter of fact, as long as Bonny could testify in court, there was no escape for the Demons.

But she refused to appear in court.

That day, Howard called Bonny to his room.

"Howard, do you miss me?" In the past few days, Howard was always cool. But now Bonny got used to it, so she clung to his body and said, "Mr. Howard, I miss you. The Demons are over. Let's not let them affect our mood, okay?"

"It is past for you, but not for me. Bonny, are you happy about that Demons was released? " Howard poured a glass of wine and handed it to Bonny.

"If you're not happy, how can I be?" Bonny took the red wine which was handed over by Howard and had a sip. Then she raised her head and walked towards his mouth.

Howard flashed, "Bonny, tell me. What can you do to help me send the Demons to prison?"

Bonny raised her eyebrows and smiled, "it's easy. Grandpa once said that it's not that hard to get engaged to me, right?"

"But Bonny, I don't love you!" Said Howard.

"I know who you love, but Allen won't like her. You'd better give up!" Said Bonny in a vicious tone, with a smile on her face.

"Bonny, stop it!" Rebuked Howard harshly.

"No, unless you marry me!"

"Bonny, if I agree to be engaged to you, will you put on a mask in front of me?"

Bonny was stunned for a while and then smiled, "Howard, do you lie to me? Are you really going to promise to engage me? If so, why not just get married? "

"Both the Su family and the Hua family have gained their fame now. How can we skip the engagement now?" Howard answered after thinking for a while.

Howard never wanted to be taken advantage of Bonny. After all, in his memory, Bonny was still the little sister who hadn't grown up.

But she refu

give up, don't you think it's a disgrace for you to find him again? "

"Girl, we are not in a relationship anymore. Do you still think your face is worth so much?" "Don't you think so?".

"Alas, it is fortunate enough for Howard to be shameless, or do you think we are shameless as well?" Nina sighed.

"Max, I think I should call you the lady of the plum family and come to our house now. What's the matter?" Bonny and Howard walked out of the villa arm in arm.

She was in a red traditional Chinese suit, which made her look like a country bumpkin.

"Bonny, I always think that you are a vicious woman, but today you seem to be still so vulgar."

"Chinese people all like red, don't they?" Bonny flipped her dress a little.

"Disgusting!" "Holley, you're finally back.".

"I know you're pregnant. It's normal for you to feel sick. Ha ha..." Bonny didn't get angry.

Giving him a supercilious look, Max yelled at him, "Mr. Howard, what the hell are you doing? If you don't like Nina at all, why don't you fucking tell me about it earlier? I don't care about finding a handsome man for her now. Don't take Nina seriously. I'm telling you, she is still living a happy life without you. Say it, now! I'll take her away at once! "

There was a look of hatred in Max's eyes, as if she was going to tear Howard apart.

Howard touched his chin and asked, "Max, since you have married to Ethan, why do you still keep talking like this?"

Max simply put her hands on her hips and shook her head, "I'll be like this for the rest of my life. What do you want? I just like to scold, and I only scold the jerk man. Today I just scold you because I am a jerk, a bastard! "

"Max, you are just a shrew. Get out of my sight!" Bonny got angry. Noticing that Howard didn't move, she walked up and gave Max a punch.

"Bonny, stop it. Max is looking for me, not you. Why do you quarrel with her?" Nina pulled Bonny and said.

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