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   Chapter 147 an unexpected harvest

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Since Howard had already set a Skynet, where could Demons escape?

The guests at the wedding were all in a chaos.

Max shouted angrily, "are you here for the wedding, or to spoil it?"

"Honey, Howard has told me. I was afraid that you might be worried, so I didn't tell you! The woman was going to have an abortion accident to Nina. Therefore, Mr. Howard can't let him escape. "

"Fuck! How dare they!" Stated Max.

At this time, Nina was held in the arms of Howard.

Nina blinked and asked, "Mr. Howard, what do you mean? Today is the wedding of Max. Why did you make so much noise? "

"Honey, don't blame me. I have to catch him!" Said Howard.

Bonny saw from a distance that the Demons were caught by Bob and his followers.

"Take the Demons away!" he ordered

Bonny heard that Howard called the name of the Demons and knew that she and the Demons had already been trapped by Howard.

But, she still has a trump card, isn't it?

Mr. Allen!

"Bonny, let's go." Howard said to Bonny coldly, holding Nina's hand.

"Howard, what happened?" Bonny asked, pretending to know nothing.

Howard didn't want to talk to Bonny any more. He looked into Bonny's eyes and said slowly, "Bonny, his name is Demons. He suddenly appeared in Max's wedding and wanted to hurt Nina. Don't tell me you didn't know about it?"

"But, Howard, I really have no idea!" Said Bonny with an innocent look on her face.

Not wanting to waste any more words with Bonny, he said, "you know what you are going to do. It's up to you whether to go back home with me or not!"

"What's going on here, Howard? Grandpa asked me to live with you. Are you driving me away? " Bonny mentioned Allen again.

Howard frowned in chagrin, "let's go."

Bonny smiled proudly, "Howard, the Demons just arrived, and he didn't mean to hurt Nina. Could you let him go?"

"You command me?" Howard stopped and stared at Bonny coldly.

"How could that be? I have been with Demons for so many years, and I don't have the heart to watch you treat him so rude." Bonny rolled her eyes and came up with a plan, "Mr. Howard, I'll tell you a secret. In fact, the Demons has been loving me secretly for so many years, but he knows that my heart only belongs to you. Therefore, he has always hoped that we can be together. However, a few days ago, I was injured and felt wronged. I told Demons that there is a Nina in our family, and you are very kind to her. Maybe Demons has kept it in mind, so he wants to revenge for me after I come here. "

"Bonny, you want to say that you are the reason why the Demons comes here today?" Howard asked.

"No, no, no..." Bonny declined immediately Bonny said, "no, he just doesn't like Nina."

"What? Destroy her if you don't like her? Bonny or Demons? " Howard pressed.

The pressure exerted on Bonny felt a little nervous.

"It's Demons No, Howard, he was just jealous of you No, you're wrong. The Demons

na wasn't in the same car with Howard.

But she knew that the truth was on the way.

She was uneasy and even wanted to leave here.

She didn't know what was waiting for her.

After getting out of the car, she walked at the back and watched Howard and Bob escorting the Demons.

She didn't know who the Demons was, but she knew it must have something to do with the mask of Howard.

Nina went back to her room and took a shower.

She heard Bonny and Howard were quarreling.

In the middle of the night, a helicopter came to the villa and took the Demons away.

Standing in front of the window, Nina saw Bonny was crying.

She was not a ruthless person, was she.

Nina didn't dare to turn on the light. She was in darkness, waiting for the dawn.

After a long time, the door was pushed open.

Nina cried, but she didn't move.

She knew it must be Howard coming.

What should he say to her?

Sitting quietly on the bedside, Howard stretched out her slightly rough hand to touch Nina's face.

Nina couldn't help but shake her head.

With tenderness in his voice, Howard answered, "Nina, I know that you didn't sleep at all. And I also know that..."

All of a sudden, Nina covered his mouth and begged, "Mr. Howard, please don't say anything. Please don't say anything now."

"I will not say anything, but you have to remember that I love you!" Howard bent down and wiped the tears on Nina's face bit by bit.

Nina couldn't help crying. She put her arms around his neck.

She hated him so much in her heart. Why did she cry!

"Sorry, Nina. It's all my fault. Let's start over, okay?" Howard rubbed against Nita's face and kissed her, whispering in her ear.

"Howard, as long as I want beggar, I will only have beggar in my life. If you are not, please don't say anything!" Nina said obstinately.

Touching his face, he thought, 'even if my mask was taken off, how could my identity be recovered?'!

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