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   Chapter 146 a trap

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10039

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Bonny was taking action.

Meanwhile, Howard was also taking action.

The baby in Nina's belly reminded Howard to marry her as soon as possible.

And the words that Nina said in the hospital.

While he was kissing her, Nina said, "Mr. Howard, it's my baby. Why are you so happy? "

Howard was stunned and then said, "I'm happy for the beggar. Is that okay?"

He saw obvious contempt in her eyes.

Howard's heart ached. It was a great humiliation and torture for him to use the name of a beggar in front of his own child.

Bonny had become much more stable recently. Although she would fight against Nina, most of them didn't make much money.

Because Nina was no longer the bully. She knew how to bully Bonny.

she always humiliated Bonny at the right time.

It made Bonny want to kill her.

Howard sent Bob to investigate Edward, but Edward didn't know anything about it.

Bob put Edward into prison with sufficient evidence.

Bonny was panic stricken when she heard the news.

On reflection, she sent Demons to China.

Demons were her last chess piece.

If Bonny had been smart enough to stop her actions in time, she would not have ended up like this in the future. However, she had been used to being arrogant since she was a child. She had to distinguish the winner from the loser.

Of course, she still had another trump card, which was Allen.

Therefore, she wouldn't give up until the last moment.

Howard's disguise was getting more and more ugly. It seemed that there was only a thin layer of paper left and he could break it as long as he poked it.

Even so, the pattern on his head was still unbroken.

But Edward never admitted that she colluded with Bonny to hurt Nina.

It was not until Bob took out the evidence, threw the shoes that he took out from her house in front of her, and played the video.

Edward was paralyzed with fear, so she had to admit what he had done one by one.

Howard looked at her coldly, cracking his knuckles.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Howard!" Edward cried.

Hearing this, Howard stood up and walked up to Edward step by step. He gently fondled Edward's hair and asked, "tell me, what are you hiding from me?"

Bonny told me that the Demons had come to a city and they were going to ruin the baby in Nina's belly on the wedding ceremony of Ethan and Max. "

Howard narrowed his eyes and said, "so Bonny already knew about it?"

"Yes, I don't know. It was her who told me." Edward replied obediently. She was so regretful that she had to collude with Bonny.

Now, she lost both his job and her life.

"Mr. Howard, I've already regretted. I'm sorry. Please forgive me." Edward pleaded.

'Demons is coming?'? As far as he knew, Bonny had a man named Demons. It was said that the Demons had a certain family background. But what made Howard confused was why the Demons were willing to help Bonny.

Bonny, you are so vicious!

If it was not because of Howard, Howard would have taken g

ns on your wedding!"

Max snorted, ignoring her.

With his eagle like eyes, Howard observed the surroundings.

Bonny looked at him vigilantly, fearing that he had found out something.

"Howard, you seem to be a little absent-minded." Said Bonny.

"Really? Really? " "Or maybe it's because there are so many beauties here today that I'm a little busy with them."

"Wow, when did you learn to flirt with me? That's fresh enough. "

"What? You don't like it?"

"Of course I like you. No matter what you look like, I like all of you!"

Nina stood in the corner in the distance, looking a little dejected.

She would have drunk a lot if she hadn't been pregnant.

She ate slowly with a little fruit.

At this time, a waiter came over.

"Miss, would you like some pizza?" The waiter said politely.

Nina could obviously feel something wrong. Oh, the waiter seemed not to be Chinese!

Nina smiled and was about to refuse him.

The waiter took out something and shook it in front of her eyes. It was like the sun reflected the mirror and she couldn't open her eyes.

Subconsciously, Nina blocked the vase with her hands. However, she was knocked down by something and a vase beside her suddenly fell down, about to hit her.

"Watch out!" The voice was from Bob.

At the moment, Howard had already run over. "Bob, catch him."

All of a sudden, a lot of men in black appeared around them. They were agilely approaching the waiter.

Bonny was anxious, but she could do nothing.

If Demons was caught, undoubtedly, she would be exposed.

She would not surrender.

Bonny took out her revolver and shot at the spot between the eyebrows of the Demons.

However, to her surprise, there was no bullets in the pistol.

Bonny was shocked. Before she came here, she was fully loaded. Why did she disappear out of thin air!

Is it Mr. Howard?

She was right. It was indeed Howard who had done something.

He removed the bullets from Bonny's pistol.

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