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   Chapter 145 clear the misunderstanding (Part Two)

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"Aunt, I just had a fall. It's okay. I'll be fine soon. Is it Mr. Howard?" Bonny looked at him.

"Bonny, my mother is right. If anything happens to you, we won't be able to explain to Uncle su." Howard added.

Bonny felt ashamed, "no, I don't want to leave. I will work here for my whole life!"

"OK, since Bonny likes to work here, then stay here." Carlos said immediately.

Andrea glared at Carlos.

And this time, Bonny noticed that.

She was biased in Nina's favor! Bonny cursed in her mind.

It seemed that her plan failed again. However, the picture didn't disgust Howard's parents.

Why did this happen!

Even if Andrea could compromise, Carlos wouldn't!

Did it mean that?

When she was in the office, she was greeted by two people, Rain and Maggie. They must have talked something to Carlos and Andrea.

Nina was so lucky.

Bonny was furious. She had made perfect plans every time, but none of them could be carried out!

After Bonny went to the hospital, Nina couldn't stay at home anymore.

There were one thing that she cared about Carlos. And another thing was that she wanted to confirm her own guess and judgment.

She wanted to know if Andrea was a mother of a beggar?

In fact, Nina already knew the answer, but she wanted to witness it with her own eyes.

Hence, she took a taxi to the ward of the heart department of municipal hospital.

She checked the wards one by one.

They finally saw Bonny and Howard. Mr. Carlos was lying on the bed. He seemed to be all right and his face was red.

Nina looked at Andrea and recognized her.

Then she sat on the ground and asked, "Nina, why do you insist on coming here? I'm here to ask for trouble? Now it was clear that Howard was be

od, and they further confirmed that Nina was indeed pregnant with twins.

Lying on the small bed in the B ultra room, Howard was standing beside Nina.

Looking at the picture on the B-ultrasound, he couldn't help but ask, "doctor, why can't I see the baby?"

Clever as he was, he couldn't help asking such a ridiculous and childish question.

The doctor smiled and said, "Sir, the baby is only two months old and it is still in embryo. So you can't see it."

"But doctor, why can I feel that they are moving?" Asked Nina.

"It might be four months later if you can move now. But I think that the chance for a new baby to move is much earlier," The doctor said.

"Maybe your baby is a genius." Howard touched Nina's forehead and said.

"Don't think too much."

After the B-ultrasound, Howard took Nina out of the room.

He kissed Nina as if there was no one else. "Honey, you are so great. You are really pregnant with twins!"

In the distance, Bonny was watching them in the dark corner.

twins? Nina was even pregnant with twins!

If Allen knew that, would his love for her be shaken?

No, we must get rid of her as soon as possible!

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