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   Chapter 144 clear the misunderstanding (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-08 21:01

After Nina made up, she put on her white pajamas. Anyone who saw her would be scared.

Bonny, since Howard is not at home, you should just sleep well. Don't always try to get Nina into trouble. She would never think about getting rid of Nina in order to solve the troubles once and for all!

But if Bonny knew that she could give in a little bit, she would not be Bonny.

At midnight, Nina fell asleep.

Bonny opened the door of Nina's bedroom, like a ghost.

She had been in the community of martial arts for many years, so it was easy for her to open the door.

In fact, Bonny couldn't make up her mind whether she should kill Nina or not. After all, Howard was not at home. If Nina was dead, there was no doubt that Howard would suspect her.

However, Bonny didn't want to live with her since Howard wasn't here. She felt so sorry for herself.

Though she just bluffed Bonny, she were still happy.

She walked in gingerly, like a mummy.

She walked to the bedside with her hands open. But when she reached out and pinched her neck, she was shocked!

"Ah! Ghost!" Bonny shouted and ran out.

Her voice was earth shaking. Everyone in the villa and side lived was awakened.

As soon as Bob got there, he saw Bonny squatting down with her head in her arms. Her hair was in a mess.

"Miss Bonny, what's wrong?"

"What the hell!" Bonny pointed at Nina's room and shouted with a trembling voice.

As soon as possible, Bob rushed into her bedroom.

After Nina quickly washed her face and changed into a white dress, she rubbed her sleepy eyes in her red pajamas and asked, "Bob, what happened?"

Seeing that Nina was safe and sound, Bob breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm glad to hear that Miss Nina is all right. Sorry for disturbing you.

idn't, I did love Nina, but that was before. I love my wife now and we haven't done anything together. We are just friends now. As for this matter, we are really framed. Uncle, I think with the strength of Mr. Howard, I believe that we will definitely find out the falling stone, Out of the jail. "

"Yes, my Lord. You see that Rain and his wife love each other so much. Just trust him this time." Said Andrea.

Carlos kept silent.

After the painstaking efforts of Rain and Maggie, they finally pleaded for Nina.

When Rain and Maggie left, they happened to see Bonny entering.

"Bonny, what's wrong with you?" Andrea saw Bonny was hurt and asked.

Of course, Bonny didn't plan to sneakily attack and injure Nina.

she said, "I fell down accidentally."

Mr. Carlos scolded Howard, "it's not easy for Bonny to come here. Look how you have taken good care of her and hurt her. How can I explain it to your uncle?"

"Well, bonny, do you get used to the life here? If so, you can go back to England. I'm afraid if you stay here, Howard will not have time to take care of you. We can't afford to see you get hurt!" Andrea took the opportunity to persuade Bonny to return.

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