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   Chapter 143 a wishful thinking

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Meanwhile, Howard drove to the bar.

Ethan looked much fatter than before.

"You look great these days." Howard threw the key directly to the seat.

"But aren't you hungry now?" He shook his head miserably and snapped his fingers at the waiter.

The waiter came soon. "Mr. Howard, Mr. Ethan, why don't you enter the private room? Do you want to have fun here?" The waiter recognized Howard and Ethan, so he asked.

Howard pointed at the dance floor. "You forgot that Ethan likes women dancing the most."

The waiter smiled knowingly.

"Boss, don't make fun of me." Ethan said helplessly.

"Boss, what do you want?" Asked the waiter.

"I'd like a cup of Lafite." Howard wasn't interested in drinking.

"Give me a glass of blood red Mary." Said Ethan.

"Okay, wait a moment." The waiter went down.

"Aren't you hungry? Would you like to order some dessert? " Howard copied the video to his phone so that he could watch it again and again as long as he had time.

"Boss, are you out of your mind? I'm hungry now. " Ethan leaned over and asked, "what kind of movie? Are there any beauties? Look at you, you must be starving too! "

With a snort, Howard continued, "you think I look like you, don't you?"

"Don't say that as if I were otherworldly." Ethan took a look at Howard's cell phone and saw a picture of a man and a woman, who were together in a bed. Before he could see clearly who the man and the woman were, he shouted, "I thought our boss is very lofty, but it turns out to be false. I have been addicted to these movies! Come on, let me have a look. Wow, this woman is so beautiful. Her legs are so long and her skin is so white. Look at her... " "Oh my God! Isn't she Nina? Howard, what do you mean? 'damn! Isn't that the man Rain? Shit! Why are they together? The posture is so sexy! "

It was as if he was stimulated to scream suddenly. Thanks to the loud music in the bar, it must be an earthquake or a monster.

At this time, the waiter came with a bottle of wine.

Hearing that, Howard raised his eyebrows and took a glance at Ethan. Then he handed the blood red rose to him and said, "you're such a bad boy. Don't be so noisy. Drink some wine and you might get over the shock."

Ethan looked around but didn't find anyone was looking at him. He then continued, "boss, are you so calm when you saw Nina and Rain together? I'm so fucking fine with it! "

As he said, he picked up the rose and drank it up.

He put away the photo and clicked the video, "I've fixed that photo. Now I'll show you a video and watch the woman in the middle."

With these thoughts in his mind, Howard took a sip of Lafite, while his legs were elegantly crossed. Leaning back against the seat, he squinted.

Being frightened, Ethan gradually calmed down and concentrated on watching the three people in the video.

he didn't find anything unusual about the woman's feet.

Hearing that, Howard raised his eyeb

that it was from Nina, he went out with his phone.

"Honey, why didn't you answer my phone just now?" Howard asked with displeasure.

"I fell asleep just now." Replied Nina.

"You should take good care of yourself while I'm away. Got it?" Although he had told Bob to take good care of Nina, he was still worried about her.

"Yes, I'm also afraid that Bonny would hurt me. That woman is like a bomb and I don't know when it will explode..." Nina said half jokingly.

"Don't you know how to play tricks? You can do it again." Thinking of what Nina had done to make Bonny scared, Howard chuckled.

Nina was surprised. When she was making fun of Bonny, Howard was scolding the gardener.

"How do you know?"

He raised his eyebrows and answered, "I was in the monitoring room with Bob. How could I not know anything?"

Nina suddenly felt a little embarrassed. She scratched her hair and said, "I'm just kidding."

"This kind of frolic activities sometimes is a self protection. Understand?"

"Oh," said Nina.

What did he mean? Did he suggest that he should guard against Bonny?

"Good night, good night!" Howard was reluctant to say it.

"Good night." Nina hung up the phone reluctantly.

But the call was cut off.

Nina stood up and continued to be nervous.

Guard against them? What should they do?

When Nina looked at the dressing table, she suddenly laughed.

She remembered a story. A woman ran into a bad guy who wore cosmetics and made her face a ghost. As a result, the bad guy was scared away.

Well, now Bonny was a bad person.

It was not a big deal for her to put on makeup, but she was good at making up.

It only took her a few minutes to turn herself into a ghost.

Not to mention Bonny, Nina looked scared.

Bonny, don't blame me for scaring you if you do this. 'Nina made a gesture of scissors to herself in the mirror.

I'm your great grandfather Jiang. You are a volunteer to take the bait.

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