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   Chapter 142 Carlos got sick

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The marriage between Rain and Nina was not over yet, but it was still going on and on.

Of course, the media were all warned by Mr. Howard, so no one dared to act rashly.

Bonny thought of Mr. Carlos and Mrs. Andrea.

As far as she knew, both Howard's parents were conservative people. They would surely hate Nina because they saw her dissolute behaviors.

It was impossible for Nina to marry into the rich and powerful family as long as his parents stopped her.

So Bonny asked Edward to send the photo of Rain and Nina to Mr. Carlos.

Carlos liked calligraphy. At this time, he was attentively writing on the rice paper.

His phone beeped for a message.

Andrea, who was accompanying Mr. Carlos, took out his cell phone.

When she saw the photo, she was surprised with her mouth wide open.

It was the love of her life, Nina, who was with another man? She wanted to delete the photo in a hurry, but Carlos saw the abnormality on Andrea's face.

"Who sent this message? Let me see." At this time, he didn't think too much. But he saw something wrong with Andrea. There must be something wrong with the plutocrat.

Andrea smiled awkwardly. "It's okay. It's just scam messages. Please don't worry."

The more she tried to hide it, the more strange her expression became, and the more suspicious Carlos became.

"Just do what I said. Cut the crap!" Mr. Carlos threw the brush on the rice paper. The rice paper was immediately in a mess.

Carlos would only act like this when he was extremely angry.

Andrea was scared.

Andrea didn't dare to delete it again, so she had to hand the phone to Carlos.

As soon as Mr. Carlos read the message, he immediately threw away the phone and shouted, "I've told you that there is nothing good between this woman and you. Don't you take her as your treasure? Now he understood? She is just after our money. As for the baby, I'm not sure whose the father is. "

He was so furious that he couldn't help coughing.

"I haven't figure out this matter yet. Don't wrong Nina. Perhaps there is something wrong." Although the picture was right in front of her, she still didn't want to believe that the girl she liked was so bad that she would covet wealth.

"You are such a coward. You are too stupid to shed tears until you are faced with a coffin!" He coughed more fiercely.

Andrea patted Carlos on his back hurriedly.

"You bring Howard that bastard home. I want to ask him what's going on? If he can't tell me the truth, I'll ask Nina to leave right now! "

"Yes, my Lord. Please don't be angry. I am calling my son now." Carlos had heart disease for many years and had no courage to get angry.

However, when Andrea called Howard, all of a sudden, Carlos covered his chest and fell on the ground.

Andrea was panicked and shouted, "master...".

"Mom, what happened?" Hearing his mother calling him "Mr. Carlos", he kept silent and thought that his father must be sick.

The next morning, Howard came down from upstairs and directly drove to her parents' home.

However, Andrea called and told him that Carlos had already been in city hospital.

He chased her all day long, but he didn't know if he could get her. If he gave up, he would rather die than live.

In the ward came the angry voice of Carlos, "I know that bastard has been brainwashed by Nina. He is unfilial. I don't want this son!"

Howard felt a severe headache.

Annoyed, he took a few deep puffs and went downstairs.

When they came downstairs, Howard walked around in the hospital. It was getting dark, but she still didn't want to go to the ward.

All he could think of was the pair of red canvas shoes. he was so familiar with it, but he just couldn't remember it.


Howard threw the cigarette butt to the ground and trod hard on it with his shoe.

She gathered her hair and was about to go to the ward when her cell phone rang.

It was a call from Ron.

"Why did you suddenly think of calling me when you were not with your wife?" Since Ethan was with Max, he had come to visit Howard less frequently.

As expected, his years friendship was not as good as a woman!

"Hey, man, you have a tough time! Maybe Max has kicked him out! " Said Ethan sadly.

With a snicker, Howard said, "don't you think that there is something good happening to Max? She is pregnant with your child now, so please don't control yourself for the sake of your children, okay?"

"Boss, I'm a man. I should be more careful? Maybe nine months of Max's pregnancy, and you want me to be an eunuch? That's cruel? Or do you want me to go out and find a woman? " Ethan said firmly.

"Damn it. Ethan, why do you have so many crooked reasons. You can go out to find a woman, and you can go to find one for me? Don't you fear that Max might destroy your offspring? You'd better behave yourself. Otherwise, I will call Max to report your vicious heart! "

"Don't Brent. I admit that I was wrong? How about coming out to have a drink with me? " Said Ethan.

He raised his head and looked at the ward. He thought if he went upstairs now and quarreled with his father, he might as well go out and have a drink with Ethan!

I'll come back when daddy is asleep!

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