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   Chapter 141 the shoes he was familiar with

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Nina was feeding fish with the gardener.

"Come with me," Bob said

His face was cold and his tone was cold.

"For what?" Asked Nina.

"Miss Nina, our young master wants to ask him something." Bob answered.

Confused, Nina looked at the gardener and wondered whether it was about the fish?

But Howard had no interest in fish.

The gardener smiled and said, "Miss Nina, I'm fine. I think the young master wants to talk with me about the garden. You can continue to feed the fish. By the way, only a little more is enough. They won't eat the fish."

"Okay." Nina responded absent mindedly.

Nina didn't know why, but she felt very uneasy after the gardener was taken away by Bob.

She waited for a long time, but she still didn't see the gardener come back.

She had a growing sense of unease.

Nina ran back to the villa.

Searching floor by floor.

She met Bonny on the second floor.

"Nina, what are you doing?" Bonny saw Nina sneaking around and asked.

Of course, Nina couldn't tell Bonny about that. So, she raised her hands and stuck out her tongue. She stared at Bonny and said gloomily, "Miss Bonny, I'm catching a ghost."

"Easy!" "There are no ghosts in the world. You are lying." said Bonny scornfully

Nina analyzed, "is there something bad happening recently? Since Howard is so good at martial arts, how could he break his mouth? " When Nina looked at Bonny's mummy, she laughed in her heart, but her tone was even more gloomy. "Miss Bonny, in the past, walking with the wind and rain, you actually rolled down the stairs. It can be seen that this mansion is so gloomy. There must be a ghost!"

She made a face.

With a lingering fear, Bonny said, "don't scare me. I don't believe you!"

Though she said so, Bonny was scared to see Nina's serious face.

Of course, Nina was not willing to give up and continued, "I heard that when people were entangled by ghosts, they were easily to have bad luck. For example, many people were easily hurt by ghosts. Miss Bonny, you have been very gloomy in the past few days. I think maybe you have been stuck by a ghost. Oh, my mother says Hanging Ghost is the most terrible. It has such a long tongue. She loves beautiful girls like Miss Bonny the most. Every night, she would come out and lick your face with her long tongue... "

Nina was still gushing, but Bonny was so scared that she lost her soul.

"Nina, don't talk nonsense. There is no ghost in the world. You lied to me. I don't want to hear it!" Bonny wanted to cover her ears with her hands, but she could not do anything, so she could only glare at her with hatred.

"Bonny, ghosts always like to follow the bad guys. I know you are not bad guys. Come with me to catch ghosts. You will believe me as soon as you see them!" Nina reached out and caught Bonny.

"I don't want to go there. You can go there yourself!" Bonny tried to calm down, but her panic eyes still revealed her horror.

People who did a lot of bad things were really afraid of ghosts. Thought Nina.

Well, Nina shrugged and said helplessly, "since Miss Bonny


Perhaps, this was the person who set Nina up.

Then he took out his handkerchief and wiped off the blood. Then he walked out of the room.

Nina had changed to a simple dress. When she was hungry, she took a bite of bread with full bread crumbs on her lips.

She sat in the living room and watched TV in boredom.

Bonny walked downstairs.

"Miss. Bonny is downstairs." said Nina with a smile

"Yeah, I'm a little bit hungry. Miss Nina, can you bring a bread for me?" Bonny ordered.

Nina bit the bread and said, "Miss Bonny, I just caught a ghost. Don't you think I'm dirty?"

Bonny's mouth twitched. Could she say that she felt numb when she heard the word now?

"I don't like bread. I was just kidding. How could you take it seriously?" Bonny said with disdain and walked to the dining room.

"Well, it is not good to be simple. My heart is hurt again by you." Nina covered her heart with one hand and continued to put bread in her mouth with the other hand.

While walking downstairs, Howard said, "Nina, I don't know what else skills you have? When did you catch a ghost? "

Nina snickered.

"The bad guy always have a ghost in his heart. I've known who is the bad guy since I was a child, and who is the good guy. So the evil guy always follows the bad guy." Said Nina seriously.

"What about me?" As soon as he asked the question, he regretted, but what he had said was like water that had been poured out. Even if he regretted, he couldn't take back what he had said.

Sure enough, Nina seized the opportunity to say, "I don't know if you're a good person, but you can rest assured that ghosts will never follow you, because they will make a detour when they see you."

You are implying that he is a devil, aren't you?

You are scarier than ghost, aren't you?

"Nina, what do you mean?" Howard asked.

Nina ran to the dining room and said, "I didn't mean anything? If you really know what I mean, you must be hiding something from me! "

Feeling annoyed, Howard touched his chin and walked into the dining room.

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