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   Chapter 140 waiting is aging time

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Maggie's words were quickly lost in people's laughter.

"Mr. Howard, wait! I want to be the bridesmaid of our groom!" Bob came out and stood beside Rain.

Here, the wedding ceremony began.

Everyone knew Mr. Howard was a hero in the business world. But today he talked big, which brought everyone to a new side of him.

Sure enough, God was fair. While giving such an ugly face to Howard, he also gave him incomparable talent.

If people knew that Howard had an extremely handsome face, would they feel themselves inferior and jump into the river.

The wedding was not as simple as it looked.

They even believed that such a wedding was the most luxurious and happiest one in the world.

Who could invite Howard to be the ceremony host and the emcee?

At the end of the wedding, the whole process of it had become the headline of today's news.

Nina was very happy. When she left the hotel, she kept smiling.

If Rain and Maggie could be together, it would be the best ending for them.

Hearing that, Howard was in a much better mood with a slight smile at the corners of his mouth. Anyway, he was willing to see that Rain and Maggie got married.

"It's a simple wedding. It's meaningful," Nina asked, as if talking to himself or to Howard.

Howard agreed with her.

So he said casually, "I heard that your wedding with the beggar was even simpler than that of Rain and Maggie, right?"

Nina looked up at the blue sky.

As if yesterday was her wedding ceremony with the beggar!

It was a sunny day. She went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with the beggar first.

She lowered her head while the beggar raised his head.

Now she thought about it, there were so many mysterious things hiding in the beggar's smile. At that time, she was like a fool, who wanted to divorce after getting married with the beggar.

She still remembered that when they were taking photos at the Bureau of civil affairs, she sat beside the beggar unwillingly. At that time, Ethan came over and said, "Nina, you came here to marry beggar today, not to divorce him. What if you only take photos of beggar if you are far away from him?"

Nina didn't move.

The beggar grinned and put his hand on Nina's shoulder, leaning his head on her head.

However, the girl who took the photo said, "Oh, you two are a perfect match. It would be even better if your boyfriend changes a suit of clothes."

Nina thought, 'I'm at my best age. I'm not suitable to marry a beggar.'?

The beggar said confidently, "you have a good eye!"

When the two red marriage certificates were sent out, Nina looked at them, and for a moment she wanted to tear them up.

The beggar protected it like it was a treasure, and he didn't want Nina to move.

Later, Ethan took them to a small place. Where was it? It seemed to be in front of an abandoned residential building.

"Nina, you are my wife from now on. You two have to love each other for th

id, "I bought a lot of fish this morning. I know you like fish, so I bought a lot. Look, how happy they are."

"Old man, I just went out." Nina shyly grinned, "I'm going to see them."

"Okay. But it's strange today. My backpack was opened by something. I spent a lot of energy to mend it. Otherwise, I would have come back early." The gardener behind her said.

Nina smiled. She knew clearly that the bad guys had gotten her money.

Let go of Howard's hand and ran to the lotus pool.

"Slow down." Howard was annoyed.

Without turning her head.

She came to the lotus pool and looked at the fish swimming happily.

He then said to Bob, "come with me to the monitoring room, Bob."


To his surprise, the water bag was designed specially and it wouldn't be easily touched by anything. How could it suddenly break?

Was it because Nina had hid herself into the pocket of the water?

Look, what a ridiculous idea.

They came to the monitoring room to retrieve the video of this morning.

When he found that Nina was hiding behind the water bag, he rubbed his chin with a serious expression in his eyes.

'Oh, I didn't know that she hung out like this.'.

But, the problem was that she hid herself behind the water bag. It wouldn't be found easily! Then who brought her to the Sea sky hotel?

"Mr. Howard, although the camera in the presidential suite was deliberately destroyed, we found a suspicious person in the elevator. We suspect that it was Nina who was kidnapped by them." Said Bob.

While walking leisurely in his chair, Howard thought for a while and said, "Bob, do you think that gardener colluded with someone to frame Nina?"

He was not sure.

He said, "we might as well ask the gardener about it."

"Of course." Howard had some scruples. Rain's performance today indicated that he had no idea at all. Then Bonny was injured. Who would do something to harm Nina?

Apparently, Howard underestimated Bonny.

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