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   Chapter 139 a stunning reversal

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"Maggie, nothing happened between me and Rain. I don't know why I'm here either." She really hoped that both Rain and Maggie could lead a happy life. She didn't hope that Maggie would hate her only because of the misunderstanding today.

Maggie smiled at Nina, and then walked to the side of Howard. There was no anger on her face, but even happiness.

She said to Howard, "Mr. Howard, I believe that nothing has happened between Rain and Nina. I don't know why she is here, but I believe that she doesn't want to have any relationship with Rain. Therefore, I trust my fiance and my friend, Nina. They are innocent. I hope you can also admit them in the same way! "

Howard frowned. What did Maggie mean?

Generous? Or wait and see?

"Maggie, I only believe what I see. You can cheat yourself, but I'm not that stupid, understand?" Howard was written all over his face.

Getting down on one knee, Rain sincerely said, "Maggie, thank you for your understanding. Now I formally propose to you. I hope you can marry me!"

Maggie had waited for this moment for a long time.

Tears of happiness were welling up in her eyes.

She put her hand into Rain's and said, "Rain, I would like to marry you and be your wife forever."

He stood up and held Maggie into his arms.

What a dramatic turn of the situation this time, caught everyone off guard.

With their eyes wide open, they watched Rain and Maggie kissing.

Hearing his words, Nina was deeply moved. She cried and said, "I wish you two happy forever. No, you two must be happy forever."

Feeling shy, Maggie got out of his arms and said, "thank you. Thank you, Nina. We will."

Looking at the reporters, Rain said, "since so many people are here, please witness the love between me and Maggie. Today I have officially proposed to her. It's my honor. She did not refuse me. Then, I will announce to the media that I am going to marry Maggie at this moment! "

People who were in a state of surprise widened their eyes.

they couldn't believe what they had heard.

There was no lawer or guest here. Well, these can't be.

However, the bride was dressed in very ordinary clothes, especially the bridegroom who only wore one pair of briefs. Why would they hold the wedding?

That was too incredible!

Everyone thought he was joking, and no one believed his words.

But Maggie looked at him affectionately and said, "I'm willing, Mr. Rain. I'm willing to do anything for you. I'm willing to be your wife from today on!"

People finally came to their senses. They didn't know who was the first one to clap. Then more people joined the applause.

Thunderous applause broke out among the crowd.

Turning around, she said, "Hi, Nina. Would you like to be my Bridesmaid?"

Nina took a step back. She wanted to say that she couldn't be Bridesmaid because she was pregnant.

Obviously, Maggie found her flinch.

She held Nina's hand and said, "please

ssed up.

She didn't think there was anything wrong with such a wedding. As long as she was with her beloved Rain, she was happy.

Someone in the crowd shouted, "the wedding begins!"

So they all smiled and said, "the wedding begins now!"

"Well, we should introduce one more person to be the ceremony host!" Someone said.

"It's easy. All the reporters here make a living by their mouths. Isn't it more than enough to be a emcee?"

Meanwhile, Maggie walked to Howard.

"Mr. Howard, I believe that you are the most authoritative person here. Can I invite you to be the ceremony host of our wedding?" Not surprisingly, Maggie was a shrewd woman. When she invited Mr. Howard to be the ceremony host, she achieved two things with one stone.

There were two things to do. First, to remove the negative news that had happened between Rain and Nina; second, to remove the hatred that had been generated between Howard and Rain, and to erase the misunderstandings about Nina.

"That's a good idea. I totally agree with you!" The reporters began to make a fuss again.

Howard was a little embarrassed.

"Mr. Howard, I think it's a good idea. Let's do it."

"Well, it is easier to be the master. But I have never been a master of ceremony!" Howard glared at him.

"A few pleasantries and wishes? You are such a capable man. It's not a big deal. " As he spoke, Bob nudged Howard slightly.

To be honest, he didn't believe that there would be any disgraceful thing happening between Rain and Nina. His intuition told him that there must be someone behind this.

He was determined to find out the truth.

There was no way out for him. He cleared his throat and said, "since Miss Maggie invited me, I won't refuse. I will accept the title of the ceremony host and the hostess."

The crowd gave him another round of applause.

Maggie smiled at Nina and said, "Nina, in fact, Mr. Howard is not aggressive. I think he just loves you so much!"

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