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   Chapter 137 a quizzical question

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Bonny stood in front of the window and listened to the conversation between the gardener and Nina.

Seeing that the gardener was unwilling to take Nina out, she felt a little disappointed.

As long as Nina left Howard's protection, she would have a chance to deal with her.

Bonny thought of what Nina said. She said that she wanted to live in peace with her. That was so ridiculous. Bonny hated Nina's guts. Didn't she feel Bonny's hatred to Nina?

Bonny saw the gardener open a small truck with fish nests in it with a large water bag on it.

Before he entered the driver's seat of the truck, the gardener repeatedly reminded Nina not to let her follow.

Bonny was very disappointed to see Nina standing there.

But just when she thought Nina would not follow them, she saw Nina actually climbed into the small truck when the truck started, and hid herself behind the water bag.

Bonny was so excited that she immediately called Edward and asked him to take Nina to the hotel. Then she started to implement the plan.

Nina didn't sense any danger. She thought it would be a quick process to get off the van and buy the fish soup from the gardener after going to the fish market. When they came back, Mr. Howard would not wake up yet!

The car drove away from the Hua family. Nina looked at the exquisite decoration outside lazily.

She looked at the people doing morning exercises and birds.

Wow, the air was fresh and bright!

Nina stood up from behind the water bag and stretched her waist.

However, she was cut by a rope suddenly. Then, Nina felt suffocated and before she lost consciousness, she saw two masked men.

With her last wandering consciousness, Nina told herself that she was kidnapped by strangers!

Unfortunately, this was just a crazy plot. she had no idea what she had offended!

Poor Nina had lost her consciousness before she made a sound.

Nina felt that she had slept for a long time, and there was always a noise in her ear.

"Is she Nina?" It was a strange man's voice.

"I heard that she had been Rain's girlfriend before, and then I heard that he was engaged to a foreign woman..."

"If they really love each other, they should be honest with each other. Why did they make such a mess in the hotel?"

"I don't think so. After all, there is a big gap between the two families. I heard that Rain's girlfriend is called Maggie. She is also from a rich family."

"Hey, it's useless for you to talk about this. Get out of the way if you have shot enough. I just came! It's breaking news! "

The noisy discussion between them didn't make peace. What were they talking about?

Nina tried hard to open her eyes. The light was strong.

She squinted. The figure in front of her gradually became clear.

Was she in the fish city?

But why did so many people watch her?

"Hey, hey, you're awake. Hurry up!"

Suddenly there was a sound of breaking.



The pose was deliberately arranged by Edward for Nina and Rain.

Edward ordered her men to take a picture and send it to Mr. Howard.

she then destroyed the camera in the suite and left with satisfaction.

The first thing that came into his mind was that the photo might have been photoshopped. Who made this mess for him.

Such kind of thing was not rare in the business circle. Was it just business competition? Though it didn't work, at least she made him unhappy by sending him some pictures.

But when he looked carefully and found that the photo wasn't photoshopped, he got angry.

He didn't care who he was and whether he had the right to interfere Nina's private life. He went to her bedroom in pajamas, but he didn't find her on the crumpled bed.

But Nina wasn't in the bedroom.

"Nina!" Since he had caught a cold, his voice became hoarser because of anger.

Did they just take the photo.

He had talked to her last night, and he didn't go upstairs until he saw her go upstairs with his own eyes.

What on earth happened last night?

Then he walked out of Nina's bedroom and came to Bonny's.

Bonny was asleep, very quiet.

But he didn't know who else would be against Nina now.

He grabbed Bonny and asked, "Bonny, where is Nina?"

Bonny opened her eyes slowly and said innocently, "what are you talking about, Howard? I don't understand."

"I'm asking you, where is Nina?" He stressed each syllable as he asked.

"Nina?" Bonny cast a glance at her watch and said, "it's so early. I guess that she is still sleeping in her room."

Bonny pretended to know nothing.

"Do you really have no idea where Nina is?" Howard let go of Bonny.

Bonny raised her injured hand and said, "Mr. Howard, I'm injured now. I can't even take care of myself. How could I have the time to care about where Nina is?"

Bonny's words made sense.

Then he called Bob and asked him to come over immediately.

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