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   Chapter 136 difficult to get along with

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Later, Nina found the first aid kit, got a thermometer and put it under his arm.

Wearing a mask, Nina couldn't see the expression on his face.

But judging from his red eyes, he had a high fever.

"Are you a little cold?" It was very hot.

"Yes." Answered Howard.

Ten minutes later, Nina took out the thermometer, which showed that it was 39 degrees Celsius.

"Mr. Howard, you're having a fever now. Do you need me to call a doctor for you or send you to the hospital?" Asked Nina.

Although Nina wasn't a doctor, she had caught a cold before. According to her experience, people with a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius would be confused.

To her surprise, Howard shook his head and said, "I'll take some medicine. I don't need a doctor. It's just a cold."

Nina shrugged and found several kinds of antipyretic drugs, such as cold spirit.

Um, she poured herself a glass of water. Since her temperature is so high, she should take the antipyretics first.

Your body temperature is so high. You should take more antipyretics.

Nina didn't know what she was thinking. She was a little anxious and wanted to bring down Howard's fever as soon as possible.

Nina put all kinds of medicine into his mouth. Howard moved his eyelids, and then spit out all the medicine. "Honey, are you trying to take the opportunity to murder me? So many medicine will die, you know?"

"Oh, but your body is very hot!" Nina felt a little embarrassed.

She swore it was out of good will. Although she hated Howard and was a little jealous of Bonny

But she would not kill him!

Reluctantly, he sighed, "you silly girl, you can't take so much medicine."

"Well, then we can eat less."

"Give me one ball of antipyretics, one pack of antipyretics, and then two pills of anti-inflammatory." Howard was giving orders.

Nina found the same medicine and melted it with water.

Nina waited for him to take the medicine and found herself in a sweat.

She wiped her nose and apologized, "I'm sorry, Mr. Howard. I shouldn't have sprayed your water this afternoon. It's my fault. I'm more than half responsible for your cold."

Nina apologized to him sincerely.

He shook his head with a smile and said, "honey, I didn't blame you. Get me the mask."

"Why do you wear a mask when you catch a cold?" Despite saying so, Nina took out a mask for him. She glanced at his swollen mouth and said, "Mr. Howard, don't you think your mouth is too ugly to be covered?"

Nina laughed first and said, "it doesn't matter. You're ugly now, so it's impossible to tell the difference between you and me. Haha..."

"Nina, I was afraid that you might catch a cold. Give it to me right now!" Rebuked Howard.

Nina was a little surprised.

"Don't be touched. I didn't do it for you. I did it for the baby in your belly Understand? " Howard reached for the mask.

With a smile on her face, Nina said, "I know you don't do this for me. Even if I can borrow money from my children, I still want to thank you." With these words, Nina put a mask on his face.

Just as she put on the mask, she found the white skin on his upper lip which was

tayed in the presidential suite.

This presidential suite has been his exclusive for many years.

He remembered that his father was still in college at that time. Every time his father came back from the UK, he would live in the presidential suite of the sea god. As time went by, Rain would stay in the suite for one night if he had nothing to do.

It was true that rich people were self willed. It was not a big deal to take money.

For example, Mr. Howard came back to England few times a year and stayed with his grandfather most of the time. However, the most deluxe hotel in London still had a presidential suite every year, which was quite expensive, but he didn't mind.

So did Ethan.

Bonny was hurt, but it was a rare chance.

They carefully decorated the room.

Next, she needed to find a way to make Nina fall in love with her.

Bonny didn't sleep that night.

She paid close attention to Nina's room.

That night, Nina had a good sleep. She wanted to have a good sleep and go to the fishing grove with the gardener the next day.

Nina couldn't help getting excited at the thought of the fish in the fish market.

The next day, at dawn, Nina put on her new clothes, and watched the sounds in the garden.

However, when she saw the servant enter the garden, Nina opened the door and sneaked out.

"Uncle, please take me with you." Nina pleaded.

"Miss Nina, it's not that uncle didn't want to take you to the market. I'm just afraid that young master will blame me and punish you." He said reluctantly.

Nina shook the gardener's arm, as willful as a child, and said, "uncle, you won't know, because he caught a cold and took a lot of medicine last night. He would sleep until very late. I promise, I won't let him know."

The servant hesitated. He knew Nina liked fish, but he wanted to take her with him. If the young master blamed him, how could he bear?

"Miss Nina, you can't go there. I promise I will buy a lot of fish you like. You just need to wait at home. " The gardener had thought it over and decided not to take Nina to fish city.

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