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   Chapter 135 compare yourself with Miss Martin

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At this moment, Nina came in.

Bonny took it out on Nina.

In a furious voice, she asked, "Nina, did you tell on me to Howard?"

"The fish is dead. Do you need me to tell him? Look, Howard has eyes. It's none of my business. " Nina wiped the mud on her face, but the more the mud was wiped, the more dirty her face was.

Bonny said with disgust, "Nina, you are such a dirty woman. You don't deserve to live in such a luxurious villa." Bonny looked down at the water stains on Nina's feet and said, "look at her. The floor was dirty by you. Howard, she is just a simple village girl. Grandpa will hate her!"

"Bonny, you can't swim! Don't make a fuss!" The water was still dripping from Howard's body.

"Howard, if you keep dating with Nina, you will become a farmer." Bonny's eyes were full of contempt. "Listen to me. Stay away from Nina."

"Miss Bonny, please don't be so dramatic. And don't worry about my safety. Let me tell you, he doesn't like me at all, neither do I. please go back and tell your so-called grandpa that I won't marry him, and please set his mind at rest." Nina condensed the water on his head and said: "go to take a shower, in case you are so disgusting with your mud all over your body."

With these words, Nina glanced at Howard, and said, "Mr. Howard, could you please take a look at Bonny? I'm afraid that she will be jealous and do something bad to me. I still want to live for two more years!"

"Nina, you're too arrogant!" Bonny got furious. How arrogant Nina was.

Nina raised her eyebrows and said, "not bad. It's much worse than Miss Bonny's arrogance."

Bonny jumped up and hit Nina on her back.

If his punch really hit Nina, she would definitely fall down the stairs.

But Bonny was so focused on her job that she forgot that the place where Nina walked was full of water stains!

Nina was careful with every step.

But Bonny walked in a hurry. She slipped and fell down the stairs.

Of course, Howard wouldn't ignore it. He took a step forward and said, "Bonny, be careful."

After all, it was reasonable for her to get Bonny injured at his own home.

However, as Howard was wearing a pair of slippers, he was so clumsy that he stumbled over it. Not only did he not receive Bonny, he also fell to the ground himself.

In a flash, it came to Nina's ears. She turned around and saw that Bonny's face hit the stairs and she flung her hands on the floor, which seemed to be broken as well.

"Ouch, it hurts!" Bonny shouted. Her face swelled up immediately.

As for Howard, he was also lying on the ground, with a pool of water in front of him. His face was in close contact with the floor.

"Tut, tut, it's your own carelessness. It has nothing to do with me." Nina made a wish, went upstairs slowly and took a shower.

Behind her came Bonny's shrill abuse, "Nina, you lowly servant!"

Nina shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Bonny was a perfect woman, except that she was too overbearing.

But they were a good match.

All of them were overbearing.

"Bonny, don't scold me. I know why

fected them.

She didn't like to use the disinfection cabinet because she felt that it was not clean.

So most of the time, Nina put the chopsticks in the pan and cooked.

Howard knew her habit.

Bonny went to the bedroom earlier.

Sitting in the dining room, Howard began to read the financial newspaper.

However, her eyes followed Nina.

When he was a beggar, he seldom let Nina enter the kitchen. And he learned cooking from her at that time.

She remembered how pure her life had been back then, like a clean lake.

How could it be so complicated.

He was tired of Bonny cheating Nina.

Howard rubbed between his eyebrows.

"Why not have a rest since you are tired?" Asked Nina, taking off her apron.

"My head hurts." He thought it might because he drank too much.

"Do you need some medicine?" Nina looked at his tired face and couldn't help but ask.

"No, thanks. I'd like to have a massage." He put down the newspaper and leaned back on the chair.

Hesitating for a moment, Howard closed his eyes and waited.

Nina walked to the back of Howard and put her hand on his forehead, which made his forehead a little hot. "Howard, you seem to have a cold, don't you?"

he was sprayed by Nina for a while. It would be strange if she didn't catch a cold!

Even though he had a good physique, he was still strong?

Howard shook his head, "it's okay. You can rub my head."

"How could you be all right? You got a fever." Nina said anxiously.

She turned around to take the medicine box for Howard, but her hand was suddenly gripped by his hand. "Nana, don't go."

Hearing that, Nina's heart skipped a beat. She became very nervous.

Howard buried his face in Nina's little palm and rubbed it.

"No, I'm not leaving, Mr. Howard. I'm just going to find you the first aid kit. Can you wait for me for a moment?" Said Nina gently.

Speaking of such a soft voice to a beggar, it was the first time that she had said this to Howard.

"Okay, I'll wait for you." Howard was as docile as a child.

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