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   Chapter 134 a drowning bird

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When they got back to the Hua family's villa, Nina immediately ran to the lotus pool where she was concerned about.

There were her favorite fish in it.

"Fishes, I'm coming. How are you doing?" Said Nina with a smile.

"Miss Nina, fish..." The gardener walked over. he wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"What's wrong with the fishes?" Nina didn't know what had happened.

The servant sighed and said, "Miss Nina, take a look."

Nina walked quickly to the pond. There were few fish swimming this morning.

Several dead fishes were floating on the water not far away.

"Are they dead?" Nina asked, "everything was fine this morning. Why did he die suddenly? It's said that koi fish is easy to be satisfied. But why? "

"Ms. Nina, Ms. Bonny poisoned the fish with two bags this morning. We can't make it, so all the fish..." The gardener sighed helplessly.

"It's Bonny!"

Right then, Bonny drove in. Nina whizzed over.

"Bonny, keep my fish company."

Bonny pulled out the car key and said arrogantly, "Nina, I think I have to remind you that you are only a servant here. Who do you think you are?"

With that, Bonny walked to the lotus pool, provocatively looked at Nina, picked up the fish food and fell into the pool again.

She swam over to eat the stupid fish.

"You can't eat fish anymore. Go one, go!" Carrying her dress, Nina walked down the pond.

"Miss Nina, don't waste your time. You can't make it." The gardener advised.

But Nina didn't listen to him. She stubbornly picked up the net and fish food in the water.

However, it took her a long time to retrieve it.

"Ms. Nina, please wait here. I'm going to the bonsai, but we can't get any fish food from it. Let's fish it."

"Okay." Responded Nina.

The gardener ran away.

Bonny held up a handful of sand into the pond, then she held up Nina.

A moment later, Nina's body was covered with mud.

"Bonny, do you know how hateful you are?" Said Nina resentfully.

"Ho Ho, Nina, you are so annoying. What can you do to me?" Bonny wrapped her arms around her shoulders and looked at Nina arrogantly.

"You are a heartless woman!" Then she leaned forward and waved the fishing rod to make the murlocs come to her side.

Nina stretched out her body towards pond. If someone kicked her from behind, she would surely fall into the pond.

As for the baby

Bonny thought if something happened to Nina, she could revenge herself for being humiliated by her.

Bonny walked down the stone steps and stood behind Nina.

Nina was busy with fish now! She didn't notice Bonny.

Just as Bonny lifted her foot, a gardener came over with a pot of water.

He was frightened by Bonny's action, thinking that Bonny was really ruthless!

The gardener shouted loudly, "Miss Nina, I've brought a basin of water. Let me help you."

Bonny withdrew her foot in a hurry and glared at the gardener.

The gardener was ruining his good plan.

"Okay. We get the fish out and change the water. Tomorrow we will buy some new fish. The fish will be born soon." Nina smiled at the gardener.

"Yes, I w

from his face.

"Mr. Howard, if you tell Bonny not to hurt the fish in the pond anymore, I will not spray on you." Nina made conditions.

And not knowing what Bonny had done to hurt fishes.

"How could Bonny hurt fishes?" Howard asked in disbelief.

Nina threw the pipe away and pulled him to the pond. She pointed at the fish body in the pond and said sadly, "Howard, those fish were killed by Bonny. That woman is vicious. If you don't help her, she will still do that after buying the fish tomorrow."

"Why did she do that?" Howard was confused. He knew Bonny was willful and unruly, but he had no reason to be hard with her.

"Mr. Howard, maybe Miss Bonny doesn't like fish." The servant said.

"Do I have to kill the fish that I don't like? That's unreasonable! " After wiping his face, Howard went back to the villa's living room with his wet clothes.

Nina and the gardener looked at each other and smiled.

"Bonny, what do you mean by going to lotus pool?" Howard asked with a cold face.

"Howard, what I care more is why you let the spray spray on your body?" Although Bonny didn't hear the conversation between them, she could still hear clearly what Nina said on purpose.

Since Howard spoiled Nina that much!

"Really? It's summer now. It doesn't matter if I spray water. It's just for fun! " Howard gathered his hair carelessly.

"I see! Then it's just a game for me to destroy a few fishes. But do you think several fishes are enough to make you change your mind? If yes, I can keep you company at most. How much does your boss want? " Said bonny with a scornful look.

"Bonny, don't you think you are a bit unreasonable? I don't mean to blame you. I just want to say, whether you like fish or not, you don't have to live against fish. If you kill them, the gardeners will buy them the same, and if you kill them again, they will buy for you. It's a circles, isn't it? " Howard couldn't understand what Bonny was thinking sometimes. Things she disliked in her childhood could be destroyed. But now she was not a kid anymore. Why did she still do that?

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