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   Chapter 133 call an ambulance

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"I don't want to learn it anymore. Can you go out?" Bonny wanted to throw up. She didn't want to do anything.

"Don't mind. You haven't started yet!" Nina made up her mind and closed her eyes. She unbuttoned the remaining buttons of Mr. Howard's shirt.

Although she wanted to humiliate Bonny, she couldn't control herself in the face of Howard, OK?

Alas! You are such a coward.

"Bonny, you want to see it yourself, not just Bonny." With a snicker, he looked at Nina playfully and said, "go on!"

Let's see whether Nina dare or not.

Uh huh!

But now if she withdrew her hand, she would definitely be laughed at by Howard. So, she had to continue.

"We have a special connection, haven't we? Nina, I suggest you to demonstrate our tacit understanding, so that Bonny can learn it. " Howard looked at Nina provocatively.

Uh huh, Nina's face blushed bright red. She said, "Howard, I'm not as charming as that Chinese woman. I also put on a red spot. Um, maybe there's something dirty on my face. I think I'm sick of it. Look at Miss Bonny, I'm better than her! Well, I remember that woman's hair is also white. So... " Said Nina. She even had goose bumps.

She looked back at him with a snicker. 'How dare you challenge me! I won't make fun of you!'!

Hearing this, Howard became speechless. It was not until now that he realized that Nina had the ability to make up a story.

But the story was too ridiculous. It was impossible for him to play with such a woman?

But the shrewd Bonny took it seriously. She couldn't bear it anymore and covered her mouth, running out.

Bonny was disgusted by her words. Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Nina burst into laughter.

"Honey, what you just said has your experience with others, right? Taking Rain as an example? Right? " It still bothered Howard that Nina went to meet Rain without permission.

"No way! You and another woman did all the dirty things. HOHO... " Nina still smiled with tears in her eyes.

She was always bullied by Bonny and Howard, and this was the first time she took revenge on Bonny. She felt happy to take revenge on others.

"Well, good. It's my first time to know that I am so powerful!" Howard reached out and took Nina into his arms. "It's a great deal of money for you to give it a try."

As soon as he finished his words, he pressed Nina against the desk regardless of her struggling.

"Honey, why don't we have a try?" Staring at Nina's flushed face, Howard said, "you're still so beautiful, even more beautiful than the women you said. However, when she made up a story in the future,

she say?

What troubled him most was the way Nina abused him.

"Nina, how can I be hated by you this way? If I were a rubbish, you were with me every day. What are you?" Howard asked while driving.

Nina looked out of the window and replied casually, "I didn't name you. Why are you pressing yourself?"

"Okay. Now tell me. Who is the 'rubbish' in your mouth?"

Nina lowered her head without saying anything.

"His name is Rain?" He mentioned the name of Rain again.

"Mr. Howard, why do you always get Rain involved in your affairs today?" Nina was angry.

"Because I know he loves you. Are you still loving him?"

"No, I won't tell you, Mr. Howard. Guess it."

"Rain knows that you've married a beggar and he won't love you any more. Nina, be more careful. Don't be fooled by his words, okay?"

"You're despicable. So you think everyone is despicable."

"I'm for your own good, stupid!" Howard was a little bit angry.

"No, you're wrong. I'm single now. I don't know if my beggar husband is alive or not. If Rain really treats me well, I have no reason to refuse him! You have Bonny now, so I can't live in your house for a lifetime! I don't want Bonny to throw me out after you get married. I'm an idiot, but I'm not that stupid to stay at other people's home. " Said Nina and sighed.

"Nina, you're thinking too much! Remember, I don't allow you to see him again. Do you understand? "

"Why not?" Nina asked.

"He is just a rubbish."

"You are." Said Nina.

"Yes, Mr. Rain." Howard insisted.

"No one in the world has ever been trash. Beggar is trash." Nina cursed the beggar angrily.

Howard, you have no right to judge my husband!

As expected, Howard opened his mouth but said nothing.

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