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   Chapter 132 promiscuous women

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Howard kept looking at Nina.

Said Nina, lowering her head.

Again, Howard leaned forward and said, "Nina, I thought you like to watch it? Now you are pretending to be a lady and as reserved as a lady? Don't play dumb with me. I don't believe you. I don't believe you! "

"Howard, such a promiscuous woman doesn't deserve your anger, huh?" Bonny took Howard into her arms, "Nina, since you are here to watch Howard, you'd better behave well and let me take care of her."

Nina kept her head down. She felt heartbroken as if someone poked her and she was bleeding.

"Raise your head! Nina, why do you keep your head down and pretend to be dead?" He roared with rage.

After taking a deep breath, she raised her head and looked straight into his eyes.

"Okay, stay away from me, I'll take care of her!" Nina raised her head and gave him a fierce push. "You can do whatever you like. It has nothing to do with me. Mr. Howard, we have nothing to do with you!"

"It doesn't matter if you are a good girl or not. Haha..." Howard smiled sadly. If Nina knew that he was a beggar, would she still say so?

No, Nina still said that since she had already known that he was a beggar.

Did the beggar have no place in her heart?

Didn't she really love beggar that much?

Bonny reached out to hold Howard. She felt that Howard was trembling slightly.

"Howard, it's just a game. Don't take it too seriously. If you take it too seriously, you'll be injured." Bonny touched Howard's face.

All of a sudden, she felt that she loved this ugly face so much. If it was not for this ugly face, how many women like Nina would love him!

Fortunately, there was only one person, Nina, who didn't need her help.

"Having fun?" Howard sneered.

"Hum." Bonny stood on tiptoe and kissed him with her arms around his waist.

"You are the most attractive man in the world, and I'm willing to sink into your endless charm. You are the most attractive man in the world!" Bonny said the love letter that John gave her. When she saw it for the first time, she thought John was silly.

It turned out that she was wrong.

She was not stupid. She had a feeling for him.

John loved her.

It was as if she was still in love with Howard.

Nina b

with a woman with great figure once. That woman is so beautiful. Is it Mr. Howard? " Nina thought that she was too mean. With a playful smile in her eyes, Howard didn't expose her lie, letting her talk nonsense.

But there was a sudden chill in Bonny's heart.

Nina didn't plan to stop here. She had got a chance to humiliate Bonny, so she had to have a good time.

Staring at Nina with an air of carelessness, Howard kept thinking that Bonny was his sister.

This has never changed.

I was drunk and mistook Bonny for Nina.

"Yes, it is." Howard said casually. But when he looked at Nina, he wanted to know what she would do next?

"Miss Bonny, don't you want to be so fogyish? You are a girl who likes dancing. You're tough and you're stiff. How could you be interested in dancing? " Right now, Bonny was fiddling with her.

As a martial artist, Bonny wasn't soft enough. But it was just one of the reasons. Another reason was that the image of Howard being with different women kept flashing in her mind.

They were women in Africa, women in dancing and people in his villa.

Bonny had lost her interest in playing with Howard.

Nina didn't give up. She wanted to speak to Howard.

But she felt embarrassed.

"Why did you stop? Go on! Bonny is waiting to learn from you! I know you are better than others. Let's start! " With these words, Howard adjusted her position and waited for Nina to proceed with her presentation.

It was also a kind of enjoyment for the Howard!

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