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   Chapter 131 A thousand year old trash

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"I don't want to go inside. I haven't finished my work yet!" Then, Nina turned around and walked to the secretary department.

"I thought you had forgotten your work, but it turned out that you still remembered it." Edward taunted.

"Edward, I won't argue with you because you are my boss. But you'd better remember that I don't like to bully you. Don't do it again and again..." She admitted that she was stupid and wasn't very efficient at work, but she had been working hard.

'I didn't offend Edward. Why does she hate me so much?'!

"Haha, do you think I'm your boss? Are you supposed to talk to your boss in this way? " With Bonny's support, Edward became more arrogant.

Nina decided to ignore her and turned to leave.

Nina was determined to stop her.

"What are you doing here?" Meanwhile, Howard came over. He tried to hide his anxiety.

His chest heaved because he ran too fast just now.

His tone was cold.

"Oh, Mr. Howard, you are back. I asked Nina where she went? Since she is an employee of the Hua financial tycoon, she must obey the rules of it, shouldn't she? She could not leave without permission like this. She must obey the rules of the plutocrat. If Mr. Howard just turns a deaf ear to them, then the rest of them will naturally imitate. If this goes on like this, won't the plutocrat's rules become invalid and have the ability to restrain themselves? " Every word and phrase mentioned by Edward was enough to make Howard fire Nina.

It was the greatest blessing for Howard that Nina could come back. There was no need to hold her accountable for what she had done!

"Nina, where have you been?" Howard asked. He looked at her and found that she was wearing an orange dress.

Most of Nina's clothes were bought by Howard. As far as he could remember, he had never bought such a dress. Besides, she had never worn such a dress in her life.

Did Rain buy it for her?

Howard had helped Nina change her clothes a few times, but was it the case if Rain had done the same.

There were so many little bugs in Howard's heart. They were constantly biting his heart, brain and whole body.

He felt terrible!

He really wanted to ask her why Nina was with Rain?

Did they do anything for each other?

"I'm going out for dinner." Nina replied indifferently.

"With whom?" Meanwhile, there was fire in his eyes.

Nina didn't say anything. She wasn't good at lying.

Edward was about to say Rain, but she was stopped by Bonny.

"Why don't you say anything?" Howard said, holding back his anger.

"I can do it myself." Nina could only lie.

"Well, it's you!" Howard was so angry that he bit his thin lips. He wanted to ask why Nina lied to him, but he was worried that Nina would leave again!

"Edward, take Nina to work. Do you hear me?" Howard growled.

"Yes, Mr. Howard!" Edward lo

"Mr. Howard, you are such a despicable man!" Nina threw the broom at him.

Coincidentally, the broom fell on the hand of Howard. He frowned and finally opened his eyes.

Her chaotic consciousness was gradually drawn back. He suddenly pushed Bonny away and asked drunkenly, "Why are you here?"

"Howard, are you drunk? It is mine! "

Turning around, Howard looked at Nina, who was looking at him with disdain.

How could she look at him in disdain?

Back from her date with Rain, Nina even looked at him with disdain?

Hearing her words, Howard became totally drunk. He laughed ferociously and said, "Nina, you don't only like to steal things, but also have the hobby of peeping. Come on, don't peep. I'll let you have a good look."

Nina wanted to run, but she was late, and was grabbed by Howard.

Howard turned back and locked the door.

He pressed Nina on the black leather sofa and took a breath. "Well, it smells good, but it has changed a little? How did it taste? Oh, I remember! It's other men's scent! "

Howard frowned with annoyance. He touched Nina's little face and said, "my sweetheart, I don't like that kind of smell. I don't like it very much. Do you know?"

"What right do you have to take care of me, Mr. Howard?" Nina felt like falling into hell.

"That's right. I can't mind your business. I'm not qualified to mind your business now. Nina, you're so great..." He burst into laughter recklessly.

Howard smelt the mellow wine in his mouth on Nina's face, and it was a strong taste of alcohol.

Once upon a time, this smell also appeared in a beggar's mouth.

But it was light and mellow.

It turned out that the beggar at that time also drank a little like this, but Nina didn't notice it at that time.

Yes, it was true. In her mind at that time, her husband was just a beggar. How could she think that he could afford such an expensive Lafite!

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