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   Chapter 130 meeting Rain again

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10709

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When the elevator door opened, Bonny saw the murderous look in Howard's eyes. He was standing in front of them.

Bonny handed the toothpaste in her hand to Howard and said, "Mr. Howard, here's your toothpaste."

Bonny could not help but take a deep breath when she saw Howard's red and cold eyes. She had never seen such a handsome and ruthless man like Lord from the hell.

"Mr. Howard, I didn't mean not to answer your phone call just now. I just felt that I was going to come upstairs..."

Not waiting for Bonny to finish her words, Howard stretched out his hand and squeezed Bonny's arm, saying, "Bonny, tell me where did you go just now?"

In the past, Bonny competed with Howard for more than once, and she was caught by him more than once. But she had never felt so painful as now, which almost broke her heart.

"Howard, it hurts!" Bonny gasped in pain.

"Tell me where Nina is. What did you do to her?" Howard squeezed Bonny with his strength.

Bonny could not stand it anymore. Now she realized how much she had been tolerated by Howard. She always thought that her Kung Fu was not inferior to him.

Look at her, how naive and ridiculous!

"Howard, I don't know where Nina is!" Bonny was too painful to move.

She gritted her teeth bitterly and said, "I really don't know, Howard."

She winked at Edward who was trembling, and said, "you cannot believe me, but you should believe Edward. I have been with her all the time just now. How could I meet Nina?"

Shuddering with fear, Edward finally came to her senses. She had never seen such a fierce and intimidating Howard as well.

In her impression, Mr. Mr. Howard was handsome, strong and serious, but she had never seen such a chilling Howard.

"Mr. Howard, I just met Miss Bonny in the office building. We really haven't seen Nina. Didn't you tell the security not to let her out? Perhaps Nina has hidden somewhere. She deliberately made us unable to find her Mr. Howard, as a wealthy tycoon, you can see the surveillance video. " Edward responded, her voice trembling with fear.

Her words reminded Howard that he was indeed easy to be panicked. How could he forget to check the surveillance video!

Hearing Bonny's words, Howard flung Bonny off and quickly walked back to his office. His computer was connected to various surveillance cameras, so as long as he wanted to see, there was no place where he couldn't see.

Bonny lost her balance all of a sudden, and she lost her balance and almost fell to the ground.

Edward held her immediately.

Bonny gnashed her teeth in anger and said in a low voice, "what's so good about Nina? She deserves Howard's love?"

Edward said in a flattering way, "she is not much better than Miss Bonny. Mr. Howard is just temporarily obsessed with her."

When he turned on the monitor, he saw that Nina was walking out of the Hua financial tycoon.

"Fuck! What are the security guards doing? Change them all!" Howard shouted madly.

Now Nina was no longer in the Hua financial tycoon. If she didn't meet her parents, where would she go?

Where could Nina go when she was pregnant?

Thinking of the cold treatment that Nina had suffered these da

ds on duty had carelessly let Nina go out of the company because of their carelessness. So one of them was fired by the Hua financial tycoon.

They didn't want to follow suit!

"No, we just went out to have a meal." Nina lazily replied.

"Well, now that you're back, that's good." The security said.

Nina didn't want to talk to them. They had never been so good to her. What happened today?

She raised her head and looked at the skyscraper. Nina straightened her back and walked towards it.

The thought of seeing Bonny and Howard made her feel sad.

But she had no other place to go except to look for Howard.

'unless I flee to another country, what about my parents?'?

Nina took the elevator to the top floor and then walked to the president's office.

She thought she should at least inform Mr. Howard about her coming back.

She stopped at the door of the CEO's office and gently knocked on it.

"Come in." An arrogant woman said.

It was Bonny's voice.

Nina hesitated for a while. As long as she was with Howard, he would not care about it at all. Maybe he and Bonny were doing something inside?

I'm here to ask for trouble?

Nina turned around and was about to leave.

The door was opened.

Nina looked up and saw Edward and Bonny.

"Where did you go?" Edward asked coldly.

Nina got angry when she saw Edward. This woman was so mean that she framed her.

"She's out." Nina answered.

"You go out during work hours? Why did you say that? You're such a lawless woman! " Edward said coldly.

"Why did you say that? I'm just telling the truth. " It seemed that Nina didn't care about it at all.

"Very good, Nina I thought you wouldn't come back tonight. " Bonny pushed Edward aside and said, "Miss Nina, please come in."

Nina stretched her head and took a look. Since Howard wasn't in the room, what should she do?

These two women were not good people.

At first, Nina didn't hate Edward so much. But after she saw that bun was on the same boat with Bonny, she realized that it must be Bonny who planned to steal the papers. It was this woman's idea.

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