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   Chapter 129 I'm out of form

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The taxi took Nina and wandered on the street. An hour later, the driver had got enough of it.

Then he looked at the absent-minded Nina, thinking that he had met a fraud.

He pulled over at the side of the road. "Miss, you are wandering without any purpose. Have you brought enough money? I have a family to support. Don't lie to me. "

"I have no money." Replied Nina. She didn't take the money with her today. Because she had been feeding fish in the garden. Later, she directly took in Howard's car. So she didn't take out her backpack. It was in her backpack.

"What? No money?" Hearing her words, the driver got out of the car angrily, opened the door and pulled Nina out of the car. "You're a penny pincher. Why do you have no money to take a taxi? Leave your phone!"

"I still need to use the phone. Pull me to the house of Ethan and I will give you the money." She wanted to go to meet Max, so that she could pay her taxi money.

The taxi driver was full of anger and didn't listen to Nina at all.

"Bitch, don't lie to me anymore. I won't drive away from your place anymore. The oil is so expensive. You'd better leave your phone here and go by yourself. I won't keep you company any more!"

He grabbed her phone, but Nina didn't let him go.

This cell phone was given to her by Mr. Howard. She would take it out to see if there was nothing important. Well, even if Mr. Howard gave it to her, she would still need it.

Just as the driver raised his foot and was about to kick Nina, a man suddenly grabbed the driver's collar and shouted, "you hit a woman in the street. Are you a man?"

Nina was surprised. The voice was so familiar. It was from Rain?

Hearing the name, Nina opened her eyes wide and asked, "Why are you here?"

The moment Nina saw Rain, the grievance in her heart suddenly surged out like the water from the open gate.

HMM, she hugged Rain and cried.

He hugged her tightly in his arms and asked, "Nina, what's wrong with you?"

He looked better than before. After all, he had got rid of drugs, so he was in a better mood.

"Nothing. I'm hungry." What could Nina say? she turned Rain down. How could she tell him that the beggar was missing! How could she tell him that she was cheated by Howard!

she deserved it! Even if she couldn't stand it, she had to endure it!

It was better not to speak it out.

Nina realized that she made a mistake, so she pushed away Rain immediately and looked up. She saw Maggie standing in the distance, so she smiled apologetically at her.

Maggie smiled back.

As soon as she picked up Rain home, she happened to see Nina tearing apart with the taxi driver. She knew how deeply Rain loved Nina, so she took the initiative to pull over the car and remind Rain that someone was bullying Nina.

Maggie never escaped from the love between Rain and Nina.

Sometimes, you can't avoid something, so you'd better face it.

"Hey, are you two done with showing off? You haven't given me the money yet!" The taxi driver shouted.

Maggie took out a lot of money and gave it to the t

e back home.

Howard's heart sank, and he had a hunch that something bad was going to happen.

His first thought was Bonny. He even regretted that he had just asked Bonny to leave. If Bonny took the opportunity to hurt Nina, he would never forgive himself.

"Bonny -" Howard shouted at the phone.

As expected, Bonny's phone was hung up after ringing twice.

A variety of horrible scenes came into mind. Bonny was holding a knife and a gun, punching and kicking at Nina

"Bonny, don't touch her!" He growled and ran to the elevator.

When the elevator doors opened, Bonny and Edward walked out from it.

Just now, Bonny was sent by Howard to buy toothpaste. In fact, Bonny knew his trick very well. She didn't want to expose his trick, because she could seize the opportunity to talk with Edward.

She wanted to ask Edward why she didn't kick Nina out of the Hua group. 'based on Bonny's idea, I don't think she will miss it. What happened?' she thought?

After Bonny reproached Edward, Edward explained the whole story to her.

Bonny could not believe what she had heard. She wondered why the head of the Hua family, who was famous for his decisive and unyielding character in the business world, would be so calm when Howard knew that Nina had cheated on him? Is this the power of love?

Said Bonny with a scornful smile.

She comforted Edward, "it doesn't matter, Edward. We'll have a long time. If we insist, Nina will definitely lose badly. By that time, I'll help you become a better woman."

She pictured a wonderful dream for Edward. To her surprise, the calm and composed Edward started to yearn for the wonderful dream.

It seemed that she would have a good life as long as she cooperated with Bonny. She would have a lot of money, live in a luxurious villa and drive a luxury sports car

They talked for a while and took the exclusive elevator to the top floor. The phone signal of the elevator was weak, so Bonny didn't answer the phone. She received a call from Mr. Howard, she thought she would see Howard soon.

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