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   Chapter 127 the past (Part One)

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Nina was looking forward to going back home to have dinner with her parents.

Sometimes, the things that one desired the more difficult to achieve.

Bonny came out because of what happened to Nina.

Here is the thing

When Bonny was stopped by the police, she made many calls to Mr. Howard, but he had already turned off his phone.

Then, Bonny called Ethan again. Being a shrewd man, he didn't answer her phone number at all.

Then Bonny was taken to the traffic police team.

She ignored the police's questioning and punishment.

She called Allen in England and asked him to solve the problem.

Of course, Allen wouldn't just let Bonny out so easily.

Bonny knew that what happened today was deliberately arranged by Howard, so she quickly drove to the Hua financial tycoon.

Coincidentally, Howard and Nina walked out of the president's exclusive elevator together.

Bonny looked at them with a cold smile.

"Bonny, you..." Without a trace of embarrassment, he pretended to ask, "where did you go?"

"Howard, I remember that you always said that you had nothing to do with Miss Nina. I thought she was just a secretary and a servant? Why? You don't want to lie to me now? You two are right! Where are you going? " Bonny looked at Nina up and down.

Howard smiled and held Nina in his arms, "you are going to travel in pairs? Well, I like to be with women all the time. Of course, I don't mind having one more woman! "

Howard reached out and took Bonny in his arms.

"You've gone too far, Howard!" Bonny stabbed her elbow back. In order to avoid eye contact with Howard, she took a step back.

Howard stretched his wrist and said lazily, "Bonny, you don't want to come to

she might throw it away when she was unable to regain his memory. she is not Miss Bonny at all. she is from a prominent family. " Edward said as he sat down next to Vivi. "Vivi, you should remember that the story of the ugly duckling turning into a swan only happens in fairy tales. In reality, it will never happen!"

Edward was very angry today. Her carefully designed plan didn't work at all. In the past, Mr. Howard would dismiss the person who stole the document. Today, she did nothing to Nina and she still went to work.

Her plan to please Bonny failed. That's why she hates Nina.

When she saw Bonny holding Howard's arm just now, Nina was ignored. Edward was very delighted.

So she said those ambiguous words.

Vivi blushed and didn't know what to say. Although she was a little older than Nina, she had never been in love.

After a while, she said, "Miss. Edward, I'm not looking for a boyfriend yet."

"Let's go to the secretary department. Some women are too romantic while others are too honest like you." Edward took a sip of water.

Nina picked up the tray and tried to stay away from Edward. She was too noisy.

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