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It was the second time that Howard drove Nina directly to the door of the Hua financial tycoon.

In fact, since Howard took Nina to the restaurant, the Hua tycoon had begun to guess the relationship between Howard and her.

Of course, Nina knew that the rumor couldn't be hidden.

Moreover, the so-called "rumor" was no longer a rumor, but a truth.

She and the beggar had children, and the beggar was Howard. No matter what, she was pregnant with his child.

Nina got out of Howard's car and walked her own way. Even so, she could still feel the strange gaze from others.

She walked straight to the employee elevator, but was hugged by Howard, and then he held her in his arms half to the president's exclusive elevator.

Nina clenched her teeth with hatred, while Howard shrugged indifferently.

"Honey, how about I take you home for lunch today?" Howard said to Nina as they walked out of the elevator.

Nina panicked. What did he mean? Would he take her to the Hua family for dinner?

Nina felt that she was not ready to meet Mr. Carlos and Mrs. Andrea!

What's more, who is she now?

The wife of a beggar? 'well, the beggar is the one made up by Howard.

As Mr. Howard's secretary or girlfriend?

Bonny said that Allen was stubborn and didn't accept Nina's family background at all.

"Your parents must miss you since we haven't seen each other for a long time." Seeing that Nina was at a loss, he added.

'Oh, they are going to the Gangnam building, ' she thought.

It was the house where she and the beggar had lived before.

"Okay." Said Nina expressionlessly.

It never occurred to her that she would be taken as a commercial espionage.

As soon as she entered the Secretary Department, she saw Edward shouting crazily.

"Tell me, who touched my documents?"

All of them lowered their heads without saying a word.

Noticing that Nina came in, Vivi tipped her a wink secretly.

Nina didn't know what happened, so she went to her room and turned on the computer.

she didn't find anything unusual. Then she took the document and began to type.

"I've checked their computers, and only your computers haven't been checked. Can I have a look?" Edward came over and said coldly.

Nina didn't make a mistake. She stood up and stepped aside, "fine, Miss. Edward. Here you are."

However, the moment Edward turned on her computer, she stood up and gave Nina a slap on her face casually. "It's you! How dare you steal my documents?"

Nina was slapped inexplicably. She covered her face angrily. "What document?"

"Look! What's this?" Edward clicked the computer document.

The document showed a secret agreement about the overseas investment of the Hua financial tycoon.

Nina never touched any confidential plan. How could she know where this plan came from?

"Edward, don't sling mud at me. I don't know where the plan comes from. Why did you hit me?" If Nina hadn't been pregnant, she would have kicked Edward.

When did she become so weak? Anyone wanted to bully her.

"Miss. Edward, I think we may have made a mistake. What's the use of the confidential plan?" Vivi d

ere. What do you think?" Nina felt a headache. "You are such an idiot!" she thought.

Hearing her words, Howard's eyelids twitched a little. Then he said, "well, Nina, no matter what you have done, I won't blame you for that. But this is the end of the story. Don't do stupid things anymore. I don't want my work to be affected by love. I hope you can understand me."

Nina found it ridiculous to hear Howard's righteous warning.

"Howard, you are such a fool. I didn't do anything, and I know nothing. There is no need to lie to you. You are such a fool." Nina almost jumped up. She pointed at Howard and couldn't help trembling.

Howard drank up the red wine and put down the glass gently. "Well, I won't blame you, can I?"

"But I didn't!" Nina was near to breaking down.

"Nina, what else do you want? No matter you did it or not, I have said that I won't blame you. Don't you understand? " Hearing that, Howard became angry as well. He had always been scrupulous in separating public from private interests.

Nina pointed at his nose and trembled with anger. "Fire me, now! I don't want to stay here any longer. Please fire me!"

"Honey, I'm not angry. Why are you still angry? Okay, just forget it, okay? At the worst, if I change the plan, the original plan will be useless. Then I won't pursue it, and you don't have to be angry with me, okay? " When he saw that Nina was really angry, he was very distressed. It was just a plan, wasn't it? We're just losing some money? Why did he make Nina so angry.

"Please trust me. I didn't do it." Nina kept asking. In fact, anyone would be angry if he or she was wronged without any reason.

"Okay, I trust you. This must have been done by someone else, not Nina!" Said Howard with determination.

Nina burst into laughter.

"Well, don't be angry any more, right?" Rubbing Nina's hair, Howard thought to himself that buying a Nina was his way of doing things.

"That's more like it." Said Nina with a smile.

"Go back to work, and after work, let's go home for dinner." Howard looked at his watch. There was a meeting to attend.

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