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   Chapter 125 I will love you more

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It was strange that Howard didn't say anything when being scolded by that woman.

This had never happened before.

Bonny followed Howard down.

Nina had thought it over. She was afraid that Bonny would also fall in love with her, so she preferred to be afraid of Bonny. Of course, Nina knew that her strength was too insignificant. Therefore, if she wanted to be safe, she could only rely on Howard.

She now started to believe in what Howard had said. He imprisoned her around for her own good.

If so, Howard was not that despicable.

At least, he would not let his new girlfriend bully his old love.


He asked for it and asked for it. She was a newly married couple with the beggar, but she had nothing to do with the man standing in front of her. She couldn't help crying!

She had made up her mind to enjoy her life and have a nice meal. And stop complaining about fate and tragic life.

Therefore, she kept eating and ignored the astonishment of Howard.

Thinking that Nina finally made sense.

Bonny was really mad at her.

With these words, Mr. Howard indifferently glanced at Bonny, whose face was rather dark.

What's in Bonny's mind! Howard was a little worried.

His worry was unnecessary and necessary. Because she had already come up with a plan.

After breakfast, Nina didn't say a word. She went to the vestibule, took off her shoes, and went to the garden early in the morning. She fed the fish and discussed with the gardener about the fish's habits. She was learning and selling. She had just read a book last night. It felt like she could talk about it on paper.

She was chatting and laughing with the gardener happily.

However, Bonny saw that and hated Nina even more.

It was obvious that Nina no longer flinched. She seemed to have taken it as a family.

Nina clapped her hands. All the fish in the pond gathered and Nina put the fish food in it.

Bonny shook her head and looked down at the fish in the pond. "I didn't expect Miss Nina to have such a leisure time to play fish here."

"What makes you happy?" Then Nina moved her steps and kept a distance from Bonny.

"Yes, you should try to make yourself happy." Said Bonny.

"You can play for a while. Here you are." Well, Nina threw the fish food to Bonny, and then walked towards the lotus sports car of sherry.

She opened the door and sat in.

Bonny threw a bag of fish food into the pond. She was not in the mood to feed the fish. In her eyes, those who played with the fish were either rich men or women raised by men.

"Hey, Bonny. That's not the way you feed the fish..." The servant warned her cautiously.

If they ate too much fish food, they would be unable to eat them and impact the water. There was no doubt that it would increase their workload.

"I just keep feeding them like this. What can you do?" Then Bonny picked up a bag of fish food nearby, tore it up and threw it into the pond. "That's all for me. Do


"You never know men's ambition! But I can promise you that after your father retire, I will take over the company in your name of course. What do you think? " Thinking that he would become the son-in-law of the Liang Family in the future and take over the company of the Liang Family in the future, Howard felt so happy.

However, one's destiny could not be easily explained by others.

Fate sometimes was like a river, where there would be a thin branch.

"Anyway, the company is now run by you and you can take it over now. But there is one thing I want you to do. Let my parents live well. They are too old and I just want them to live well."

"It's really easy. Hahaha..." Howard smiled.

"Isn't it easy?" Nina asked angrily.

Glancing at Nina with tenderness, Howard asked, "can I say no?"

"So what do you think?"

"What I want to say is that I like your simple version."

"Mr. Howard, there is something wrong with your words! I see. And you are beating around the Bush to say that I am silly, aren't you? " Nina clenched her small fist and smashed it towards Howard's hand that held the steering wheel.

"Well, it doesn't matter if you are silly. You have been silly for more than twenty years. Don't be clever. If you become clever, I don't like you any more, understand?" Howard said with a smile.

"Mr. Howard, how could you be so glib? How could beggar not know how to do like this? Sometimes I really can't understand... " Nina wanted to say that how could the gap between the two people be so big!

The change between beggar and Howard was so successful. It would be a shame if Howard was not an actor.

As a matter of fact, Nina had already known something last night. He wanted to speak but stopped on a second thought, so he kept silent.

He knew that even though Nina had figured out everything, it was still not the time for him to tell the truth.

Nina looked at the indifferent eyes of Howard and felt a burst of sadness.

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