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   Chapter 124 why do you kill a chicken

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Nina was in a sound sleep when she was suddenly woken up by an angry voice.

"Howard, tell me. Why am I in your parents' house?"

Nina rubbed her eyes and was surprised to know that Bonny came back.

Nina didn't move.

Bonny didn't sleep at all last night. She got angry every time she thought that Howard made her drunk and sent her back to the Hua family.

What made her more angry was that they had confirmed that Nina was pregnant with Howard's child.

She tossed and turned the whole night. his mother knocked on the door several times, but Bonny pretended to be asleep and said nothing.

Bonny didn't get up until the next morning.

Andrea also stayed up the whole night. She talked a lot about Nina to Carlos. How nice Nina was, how obedient she was, and how she attracted other people's attention.

Speaking of Bonny, Andrea sighed.

She patted him on the shoulder, "master, why don't you help Howard find a way? Don't you see that he likes Nina?"

"It doesn't work if he likes her. It's the best way to win Allen's favor!" He answered.

Bonny was eavesdropping outside the door. She raised her lips ferociously when she heard what Andrea said to her. She knew that Nina was a capable woman. It didn't take long for Carlos and Andrea to marry her.

She sneaked back to her room, but she couldn't sleep well.

So when she opened her eyes this morning, she wanted to leave the Hua family.

But now that she was in the Hua family, she had to greet her parents and then ran away.

Bonny was waiting for them in the living room on the first floor.

Luckily, Carlos, Andrea, went downstairs as soon as Bonny finished waiting in the living room. they had a habit of morning exercises.

Bonny stood up immediately, "good morning, uncle, aunt."

Holding Bonny's hand with her own hand intimately, Andrea thought Bonny should pretend to be an elder no matter she liked Bonny or not?

"Bonny, did you sleep well? Do you get used to the life here? Oh, Howard is too careless to take care of people. Just stay here with me, I will take care of you. "

She doesn't want to take care of Bonny, does she! The problem was that as soon as Bonny left here, she would go to find Mr. Howard and make trouble for him.

In that case, she'd rather stay with Bonny than her son.

"Aunt, I've already grown up. I don't need Howard to take care of me," Bonny said with a smile.

"Bonny, what do you like to eat? I'll ask someone to make it for you." Said Carlos.

He was a business man. So he couldn't put pressure on Bonny no matter how well he treated Nina.

"Uncle, don't bother. I haven't gotten over the jet lag yet. I don't think I can eat here." Bonny thought about Howard. How could she have her dinner.

"No way. You were drunk last night and didn't have dinner. Aunt Andrea thought to herself! If you don't have breakfast now, I'm afraid your parents will blame us for not being good to our guests. " She asked the servant to prepare the breakfast.

"Auntie, here is the thing. My luggage is in Howard's house, and I don't even have any clean clothes to change with

to fight with Bonny, then she would be miserable.

"Ms. Bonny, it seems that Howard is coming, right?"

Nina was just trying to distract Bonny. Sure enough, Bonny turned her head back.

Nina moved to the door in a "whoosh" way, which made her feel safer.

"Miss Bonny, it's time for us to go downstairs for dinner. If I'm not wrong, Miss Bonny will still work in the Hua financial tycoon today, right?"

Bonny nodded, "yes, I want to keep an eye on Howard in case of being seduced by some dubious women."

"Can a man see his heart? If so, why are there so many men who have an affair? " Nina stood outside the door and kept a distance from Bonny, so she had a confidence in speaking.

"The men you are talking about are all scums, not Howard. he won't cheat on me." Said Bonny.

"Not necessarily. You haven't married with Mr. Howard yet! How do you know he won't cheat on you? And how do you know he is such a horrible man? As far as I'm concerned, you are as talented as a scumbag. " It was a good chance for Nina to insult Howard.

"Nina!" She didn't know when Howard appeared behind Nina.

Nina grinned. What a bad luck! She was supposed to curse Howard to make Bonny jealous. Why did he come up?

Nina turned her head slowly and saw Howard looking at her coldly.

The killing intent was obvious in his eyes.

With a heartless smile, she said, "Howard, I..."

Bonny came to Howard. She was very pleased with herself.

No one in the world dared to swear at Howard. You are such a bitch?

Bonny could not help laughing as she thought of the punishment to Nina by Howard.

"What? Are you hungry? "

Hearing that, Nina felt that Howard was too broad-minded.

Nina nodded repeatedly, "yes, I'm hungry. Miss Bonny said she was hungry. Is that true? "

Said Nina. Then she went downstairs happily.

"Let's go to have dinner. Bonny!" Just now, Howard was busy cooking in the kitchen, so he didn't realize that Bonny would make trouble for Nina.

he remembered something all of a sudden and rushed upstairs. Then he saw Nina scolding her.

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