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   Chapter 123 the mistake

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Then Howard added, "I don't know much about the fish nurturing. If you like it, I can ask people to buy you a lot of beautiful fish." With that, he put his hand on Nina's abdomen and continued, "but I don't want my children to like fish. They are future elites of the society, not fishermen."

Nina chuckled, "I have never seen a woman who likes keeping flowers have a child who sells flowers!"

Nina flipped the book in her hand and stared at the fish on it to learn about its living habits.

Without saying anything, Howard smiled and kissed Nina's hair.

"Oh, I'm above you! I remember that I was very afraid of this in my childhood. Now it looks very cute! " Nina stroked the picture above, muttering to herself.

She was in a world full of fish.

It was not until quite a while later that she suddenly realized that Mr. Howard was still silent.

"Mr. Howard?" Nina looked up in surprise. She thought Howard would leave the room, but she saw him looking at her with a smile.

The look in her eyes was so warm.

It even made Nina have an illusion that the man who held her in her arms was not Howard, but her own beggary husband.

His words took Nina by surprise.

Rubbing his chin on Nina's shoulder, he said in a light voice as if from the clouds, "honey, you like fish more than me."

Nina's heart missed a beat.

She thought she liked this attractive voice, and the beggar would hold her and talk to her like this when he was around.

At that time

There was no going back.

The beggar she liked in her heart was not the man in front of her. In other words, in her emotional world, the beggar and Howard were totally different.

"Mr. Howard, I have never said that I like you." Nina said resolutely.

Howard was still clinging to Nina. He breathed deeply in her scent, which he had been missing all the time. Pure, with the scent of grass, like the sunshine after rain.

They were two different women, completely different from the makeup and flirtation of Bonny.

Bonny was a perfect lover, and Nina was a perfect wife.

Howard rubbed his chin, feeling that his idea was a little ridiculous. In fact, he had no feeling for Bonny at all.

It was just that Bonny was suitable to be a man's lover, not his, Howard.

The girl was very playful and very scheming. She was a rare woman so shrewd that the man flinched.

"Honey, it's enough that I like you." Said Mr. Howard tenderly.

It would be a lie if she said she didn't feel anything. All women would be deeply attracted by the tenderness of Howard.

He had been loved by so many women like this before!

Maybe she was just one of many of his women!

Nina suddenly became upset, even hated herself. She felt that she was not ambitious. Because of the sweet words of Mr. Howard, her mind became blurred and her mind was wandering.

Have you forgotten that you lied to me so much? '?

Nina pushed him away with all her strength. "Mr. Howard, I don't want you to love me. You

overthink, he was still restless. "Honey..."

Nina hugged herself with both hands, which was the only action for her to refuse Howard.

Howard swallowed and raised his voice, "well, your clothes are ready. Sit down, let me blow your hair."

Nina sat on the edge of the bed, and Howard stood in front of her with a hair dryer.

From where Nina was standing, she just saw the tall and strong chest of Mr. Howard, where she once leaned on.

Nina stretched out her hand subconsciously and pinched his chest, giving him a punch

Just like when she was with a beggar.

Silence fell in the room. The hearts were strong.

They had such a miserable past after all!

Hearing that, Howard's hand, which was holding the hair dryer, was obviously shaking, and his voice was also trembling. "Honey, what do you know?"

Nina wanted to say something, but she already knew it. Could you please give me an explanation? Why did you do this to me?

Just because I refused your two hundred times of proposal? Do you know that I really fall in love with you, who are faithful to me all the time? They all disappeared with the disappearance of the beggar?

Nina bit her lips. If she asked this question, she wouldn't know how to live with Howard in the future.

What was she expecting since Howard had already sent her a future?

Nina covered her long hair and didn't answer him. "My hair has been dry. Mr. Howard, it's time to go to bed, isn't it?"

Being stunned for a second, Howard nodded and replied, "yes."

He put away the hair dryer and picked up her soaking wet pajamas.

Nothing could be seen on his ugly face, but Nina could see from his eyes that something was wrong and grave.

When he reached the door, he suddenly turned around, and Nina happened to look at him.

His eyes were full of sadness.

Howard rubbed his chin and didn't say anything. He felt relieved.

After sitting blankly for a while, Nina lay down on the bed.

The past with beggar flooded over

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