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   Chapter 122 wolf and fox

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In the end, Nina stopped Howard.

"Come on, this is the supermarket. The paparazzi will take pictures of us. It seems not good!"

Howard moved his wrist and asked, "shouldn't they be beaten?"

Nina didn't say anything.

She didn't suffer such kind of thing because common people wouldn't talk about her so easily.

Sometimes, being a famous figure was very tired.

It seemed not necessarily a good thing to marry a rich man!

Regardless of their good mood, Howard and Nina still bought many favorite dishes and fruits.

When they arrived home, Howard went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner.

Nina had strolled in the garden and felt quite cozy to see gardeners grow flowers and feed fish.

She hadn't taken a good look at the garden since she came here!

"Master, what kind of fish is this?" Nina asked, pointing to the red fish.

"Miss Nina, this is a red carp. I bought it today. Does it look good?" The gardener answered happily.

Nina remembered that her father also liked to feed fish, but they were all fish found in the river, so it was easy to feed. Every time the feeding was fed, Nina would clap her hands. The fish in the bathtub swam to eat.

That kind of child interest was very precious now!

Nina clapped her hands subconsciously. The fish wanted to get some kind of telepathy and swam back together.

Nina was so happy that she danced around. She took fish food and threw it into the water, and the fish compete with each other.

Staring at the beautiful scene unfolding in front of him, Howard stood at the pond, her hair and the hemline of her dress fluttering in the night breeze.

This was his little wife. He loved her.

Sweetness spread in the heart of Howard. He smiled happily.

Then he cleaned all the dishes and walked out like a real househusband, rubbing his hands with his apron. he stood on the step and shouted, "baby, dinner is ready -"

Nina liked playing very much when she was a child. After school, she would throw her schoolbag away and run out to play hide and seek with the children.

As it was getting late, her mother would come out after dinner. She said to her daughter, " Nana, stop playing. It's time for dinner."

It was the warmth between her and her mother.

And what about Howard now?

"Honey, dinner is ready." Called Howard again.

The gardeners and servants chuckled one after another.

It's rare to see Mr. Howard be so gentle?

"Miss Nina, young master is calling you." A servant noticed that Nina was in a daze, so he reminded her.

"Oh, I heard it." Said Nina, full of shyness.

"Go ahead," The servant gently pushed Nina.

Howard waved to Nina.

Nina came over with her head down, and Howard reached out his hand.

Nina was too shy to raise her head.

Behind her came the low laughter of the maids and the gardener.

Howard took Nina's hand and asked, "are you hungry?"

"Mr. Howard, you

Nina's favorite, and each one smelt like a beggar.

Nina's eyes were misted several times and she was forcefully suppressed by herself several times.

It was not until then that she realized that she still missed her beggar husband, even if she stayed with Howard.

She felt terrible at that moment.

"What's wrong, honey?" Seeing that Nina was depressed, he asked her concernedly.

"Nothing." Said Nina.

Howard touched her forehead and asked, "do you miss your beggar husband?"

Nina didn't expect that Howard would ask her such a question. She raised her head and looked at him without blinking.

"Mr. Howard, have you missed someone?" Asked Nina.

Howard nodded and replied, "yes, I have."

"Who?" Asked Nina.

"If I tell you, do you believe me?" He said half jokingly and half seriously.

Nina shook her head and said, "I can tell from your eyes that you are lying. It's cruel to deceive a good woman. "

Howard gently grasped Nina's hand and said, "I didn't lie to you. In the two hundred days when I was unable to propose to you, I missed you every day and night, but you didn't know that."

"So you mean you love me?"


"But how did you know me? Howard, there are so many women in the world. How can you recognize me? " Nina didn't understand that.

Till now, Nina still couldn't figure out why Howard had expressed his love to her.

She didn't know Mr. Howard, but how did he know her!

"We met in our previous life. You have forgotten me and I remember you. Is that the reason?" He could not tell the truth, so he could only make up a romantic reason.

Nina smiled bitterly.

She didn't want to ask more. She decided to enjoy the moment.

Nina shifted the subject to the fish and talked about its habits with Howard from time to time.

She just said it casually since she had nothing to do. To her surprise, after dinner, Howard asked his man to buy many books about how to feed the fish.

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