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   Chapter 121 I miss the past

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Upon hearing this, Andrea widened her eyes. After a long while, she responded, "Nina is pregnant. How could you let her go outside! I want to see her. Hello, Nina. You're really a good daughter-in-law of the Hua family! "

Andrea wanted to have a grandson for many years. Now she heard that Nina was pregnant, she had already forgotten Bonny. She wanted to see Nina.

Andrea shouted with joy as she ran down the stairs.

"Bitch! What are you doing?" Carlos roared in a low voice, holding his walking stick.

Frowned, Howard stretched out his arm and stopped her.

"Mom, please wait for a while. When I figure out the case, I will give both Nina and my child an explanation." Nina still didn't know he was a beggar. If his mother suddenly ran out, undoubtedly, it would make things worse.

"But I just want to see Nina. I miss her." Andrea said unwillingly.

"Well, you saw us just standing there. Look!" Standing on the stairs, Howard pointed to the outside of the villa.

She stood on her toe tips and looked out.

Right now, Nina looked ahead aimlessly, without looking at the villa or garden of the Hua family. She was also afraid to see someone like Andrea.

I can't face her after I see her, right?

Howard was afraid that she would know that he was a beggar. Nina was the same. She knew that beggar was Howard, but she dared not say it out.

It was just that the pain was accumulating. No one knew when it would explode and no one could deal with it.

'the day will come, the day will come, ' thought Nina.

"Uh huh, Nina has lost a lot of weight." Her mother said with sympathy.

"she is pregnant. she's much thinner." Howard said flatly.

"How nice it would be if she could stay here. I can order the cook to cook many delicious food for her. It's so nice!" Andrea sighed.

"Soon. I think the truth will come out soon. I'll introduce her to you. " In his opinion, Bonny didn't come here for nothing, but for some valuable clues.

The case was over. He would find a way to restore his original appearance, and by that time, he would surely ask for the forgiveness of Nina.

"Son, please do it quickly. I feel sorry for Nina when I see her like this." Andrea, who seldom cried, began to cry.

Carlos went upstairs trembling and asked, "where is Nina? Let me have a look. "

To be honest, it was not because he didn't like her. He just didn't want to go against his father's wish. Now that they heard that Nina was pregnant with the blood of the Hua family, how could they not be tempted!

Andrea smiled to Howard, "your father has a soft heart and a sharp tongue." She held Carlos and said, "come here. Look at the one in the car."

Carlos put on his presbyopic glasses and looked at Nina carefully. "Yes. She is thinner than she was last time when I saw her on TV. I don't know what to do now? your grandpa is unhappy and Nina are pregnant. It's your fault! "

Carlos roared at Howard with anger.

In the bedroom upstairs, when Howard a

reminded Nina of her days with beggar. Lamb food was the best food in the world.

It stirred up another argument in his mind. He also missed the days when he was a beggar.

I miss the busy life as an innocent citizen.

"I've made up my mind. How about we buy food and cook dinner by ourselves today?" He was so excited that he spoke happily.

Nina wanted to refuse. However, as she looked at the back of Howard, she always thought of the simple happiness when she was with the beggar.

Alas, I still can't put it down! '!

"Okay." Nina agreed.

This simple word excited him. He whistled like a child and drove straight to the supermarket.

When they arrived at supermarket, they carefully selected fresh vegetables just like the time when he was beggar. From time to time, he would look back at Nina, and discussed with her about what kind of fruit tastes.

To his surprise, he would like to be a beggar as he was, but he forgot that he was now a big shot in a city, who could do whatever he wanted in the world.

Every move of her would bring about discussions and resentment from others.

"Is that Howard, the CEO of Hua group? Who is the woman beside him? "

"I don't know. It's strange that such a respected man would come to the market to buy vegetables himself!"

All sorts of discussions were spreading.

Of course, Nina was shot again.

Her past with Howard was brought up.

"I know the woman next to Howard. Her name is Nina. She is simple and lofty, so she deserves to be his lover."

The words irritated Howard.

He threw away the dish in his hand and gave the man who had just said that a punch.

The man made three turns with his eyes gleaming, "how can you hit me?"

"I just hit you. What's wrong?" With a smile, he gave the man another punch.

The onlookers fled away in a flash when they saw the anger of the Howard.

The guards of the supermarket came over and found it was Howard. Without saying a word, all of them slipped away.

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