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   Chapter 120 A ale will make a cat speak

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Howard looked at Bonny indifferently and asked, "Bonny, tell me, what's wrong with my mask?"

"Howard, I don't think it's a good question to ask you this. You wore your mask, not me. Why do you suddenly ask me this?" Bonny played dumb.

"Really? It's none of your business whether I'm disguising myself or not. " Howard asked.

"Haha You can't take it off? " Bonny smiled arrogantly and reached out to touch Howard's mask. As she expected, his disguise didn't move.

Oh, the liquid medicine she invented was good!

With that, he grabbed Bonny's wrist and asked, "Bonny, can you tell me how to take off your mask?"

"Howard, you hurt me, hehe..." Bonny said with a smile.

"Tell me!" Howard continued to reprimand her.

Bonny's wrist was painful, but she wouldn't beg for mercy. She said, "Howard, I can't take off your mask..." Bonny paused and looked up into his bright and angry eyes. "Don't you know you are very handsome, Mr. Howard? Therefore, even if I can pluck them for you, I won't pluck them for you... "

He gnashed his teeth and released Bonny, who fell to the ground suddenly.

"Bonny, why did you do that?" He looked at Bonny who fell on the ground and asked.

"What if I say it because I love you?" Bonny didn't mind it at all and rubbed her swollen wrist.

"But I don't love you, don't you know?" Howard rotated the chair.

"It doesn't matter whether I know it or not. I just know that grandfather likes me and I love you. You can't escape from my love." Bonny said with confidence.

Howard reluctantly shook his head, "Bonny, if you don't take off my mask, I feel like my face is going to be a ghost. Are you willing to see me like this for the rest of my life?"

Bonny thought for a while and said, "if you agree to engage me, I will help you take off your mask. How about this deal?"

Hearing that, Howard narrowed his eyes, touched his chin with his slender fingers, and snorted, "you are so selfish."

Howard reached for the goblet. Bonny came over and poured some wine for him.

"Howard, I'm not selfish. It's love!" Bonny poured herself a little more red wine and said, "the tall wine is really extraordinary. After so many years, you still haven't changed your habit of drinking this kind of wine. For example, I have loved you for so many years and have never changed my habits. "

"Wait, Bonny. It's not the same thing." Howard took a sip.

"But for me, things are the same." Bonny sat on his laps again and touched his body with her fingers.

Hatred flashed in his eyes, and he said in a cold tone, "well, we haven't drunk together for a long time. I'll have a drink with you today."

Then he clinked his glass with Bonny's.

"Well, I know you will like me. Ha ha..." Bonny thought Mr. Howard had fallen in love with her old lover, so she poured some more wine for him.

Howard knew that Bonny was not a good drinker, especially for the wine glass with a height of three glasses.

As expected, after drinking three glasses of liquor, Bonny talked more.

She put her arms around his neck and said, "Mr. Howard, I know you like Nina. But I won't let it happen because I like you the most. So I won't let other women have a crush on you."

Howard nodded without being noticed. "Bonny, as for me, I don't hate you so much, but I see you as my younger sister. You understand

still a beggar!

Nina felt a little sad.

When she just lowered her head, someone shouted, "my dear son, why did you really bring bonny here? I'm not ready yet!"

Nina was familiar with the voice, which belonged to the beggar's mother.

Tears streamed down her face.

She immediately leaned her head into the seat. She didn't want his mother to see her.

Apparently, Howard didn't want her to find his mother. Otherwise, he wouldn't let her stay in the car tamely.

Seeing that Bonny was asleep, Andrea asked, "my son, what's wrong with Bonny? Ill? "

"No, she was just drunk." With Bonny in his arms, Howard walked into the living room.

"Humph! I know you can't escape this time. Now Bonny is here. You can end up with Nina." Staring at him angrily.

"My Lord, what are you talking about?" Andrea persuaded.

"You don't understand what I'm saying. If Howard doesn't promise Bonny, I'm sure father will come back from England very soon. our father is an old man and he has a good rest in England. I don't want anything bad to happen to him." Carlos pointed at Howard with his trembling finger, "it's all your fault. You always make me worry!"

"You only consider yourself and grandpa, why don't you consider my feelings?" Then he took Bonny upstairs.

"Stay here for a while..." Carlos hit the ground with his crutch. He couldn't care less that his son treated him as his father.

Without even turning around to look at him.

"Hey, son, where is Nina?" Andrea was very worried about Nina, so she followed her son upstairs.

She knew Bonny's temperament very well. She would never let Bonny bully Nina.

"Mom, please don't speak of Nina in front of Bonny. Can you do that?" Howard reminded.

"It's All right. " Replied Andrea.

"Do you want to stay for dinner?" Asked Andrea when Howard put Bonny down.

"No, thanks. Nina is waiting for me outside."

"Uh huh, Nina, why don't you let her in? I have dreamed of her these days!"

Howard lowered his voice, "Mom, I have a piece of news. Don't tell Dad. Nina is pregnant. Besides, the doctor also says that she is pregnant with two children. So, I don't dare to let Bonny stay with me for long. Bonny is there. She is dangerous to Nina."

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