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   Chapter 119 join hands

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"Mr. Howard? Mr. Howard? He is my boss. I only respect him. I have no inordinate ambitions on him. " Edward knew Bonny's identity and could tell that Bonny liked the Howard. She didn't want to make enemy with Bonny.

"Haha I don't mean to blame you. Edward, I believe you can see that except Nina, Howard doesn't take us or any other women seriously now. " Bonny shrugged sadly and said, "to be honest, I am depressed and jealous."

Said Bonny, studying Edward's face.

Edward was jealous. When she saw that Howard appeared in the restaurant with Nina in his arms, she was jealous and mad.

She was so jealous of Nina that she even wanted to strangle her.

But at the same time, she clearly knew the difference between her and Howard.

But she was unwilling to give up. In her eyes, Nina was not in a higher position than her. Why did she win the heart of his love.

Bonny was much better than Nina in all aspects.

If Howard were together with Bonny, they would look perfectly matched, wouldn't they?

She would give up, wouldn't she?

"How could Nina be compared to Miss Bonny? You are a swan. She is just an ugly duckling. " Said Edward.

Bonny chuckled. She raised her hand and fondled Edward's face, saying, "Edward, in fact, I think you are much more beautiful than Nina. As for your boss, he will not be captivated by Nina for a long time." Bonny lowered her voice. "Edward, as long as we join hands, Nina will be detested by Howard soon. What do you think?"

Edward was frightened by Bonny's words. She was indeed jealous of her, but she never thought about how to deal with her. She just treated her indifferently or said something unkind to her.

"Miss Bonny..." Edward swallowed his saliva in fear. "I'm a coward. I respect Howard, and I am jealous of Nina. I like being in touch with you. But I'm just an ordinary worker and I can't do anything big."

This woman was not as tough as she looked. Bonny was a little disappointed.

As the Black wind died, Demons would not come to China for a while. So Bonny was anxious to find an assistant.

She had thought that the Edward would have a strong enemy, but it turned out that she was wrong.

But there was no one else to look for.

Bonny began to threaten, "Edward, you know that the Hua family has its shares in the Hua family, and the Su family has been acquainted with the Hua family. Naturally, the Hua family has a lot of power in the Hua family. It's very easy to get promoted to anyone, or it's very easy to fire anyone. So I advise you to think clearly on whom side, Miss Edward."

Edward was not stupid. she understood what Bonny meant. How could she want to lose this job?

"Miss Su, I understand what you mean. You can rest assured that I will be on your side." Bonny said with confidence.

"I know you're smart. I'm fine. I'll call you if I have any trouble." Bonny said with a smile.

Edward even got goose bumps

ted to send Nina away.

Nina put the cup heavily on the small tea table in front of her. Wasn't she annoying to be here?

Then let's go. They are a perfect couple. She is redundant here!

"Miss Nina, you don't have to leave right now. I'm willing to have someone witness our love story. It's so boring if you're leaving What's more, I'm sure that you will be very interested in the following conversation between me and Mr. Howard. How about listening to it together? "

"Nina, I ask you to leave. Do you understand?" Howard was a little nervous. He didn't dare to let Nina know that he was wearing a mask.

Although he felt that Nina seemed to have figured out something, he dared not take a risk before the truth was solved.

he would not let Nina confused for the moment.

Nina smiled in disdain. She had been accustomed to Howard's capriciousness.

"Bonny, I don't care whether you show off your love or not. I just hope that you can do your best and give birth to a lot of children to the whole world..." Nina didn't know what she was talking about.

She just wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

"Ho Ho, we will, Miss Nina." Bonny said proudly, "well, that's right. Nina. We'll have a lot of children, and grandpa will love them, right?" Bonny was very happy to see Nina get angry. This was the result she wanted.

Nina walked out quickly.

She touched her abdomen with her hand, and felt indescribable grief in her heart.

Right, Allen would love Bonny's baby.

That is to say, Mr. Allen wouldn't like the baby she gave birth to. It was because the girl's mother was of humble origin.

Nina stood straight. Everyone could dislike her own child, but she couldn't.

Anyway, I will protect you.

Meanwhile, Howard was pushed away by her waist. Howard said, "Bonny, this is a place for work. You have to pay attention to your image, okay?"

Bonny raised her eyebrows, "I forgot it." With that, she left.

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