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   Chapter 117 kill her

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As soon as Howard left, Bonny called Black wind.

"Miss Bonny, is there any other mission?" Black wind asked happily. He felt so lucky to meet Bonny. It was better to have a big client like Bonny instead of living a dangerous life.

He knew Bonny had a powerful background and would not lose his life whatever she did.

So he would try his best to complete anything related to Bonny.

Of course, he felt guilty for failing to help Nina and Max.

he wanted to do it again, but was stopped by Bonny.

He was still grateful that Bonny didn't abandon him when he failed.

"It was all your fault. You didn't save her. Now that Nina has gone to the villa of Ethan, I order you to find out whether that woman has been pregnant with the baby of Mr. Howard. " Said Bonny viciously.

"Isn't it easier if I just get rid of that woman?" Said Black wind arrogantly.

"I'm here. You can't get rid of Nina. Howard's not as stupid as you think. He's very shrewd. I just want you to figure out whether Nina is pregnant or not. Got it? " Bonny gave the order seriously. She didn't want any trouble caused by Black wind. It wasn't time for her to risk everything, so she couldn't provoke Howard.

"OK, Miss Bonny. I got it!" Black wind replied, "reward?"

"Just be as careful as before." Said Bonny.

While withdrawing his ear on the door, Howard walked away slowly.

Indeed, Bonny would not let her off. Since he was so careful, how could he protect her well?

How is that possible?

"Bob, I want you to accompany me to a place tonight. Don't sleep, understand?" Then he made a phone call to Bob.

"Yes, Mr. Howard." Bob consented.

Many bodyguards were arranged to patrol the villa by Ethan. He was as cautious as a formidable enemy. Bonny was really a detestable person.

However, Ethan could do nothing to her. Bonny was spoiled by Allen and her family. The Howard dared not act rashly, not to mention it was him, Ethan!

As the old saying goes, less trouble is better than less trouble. 'Ethan prayed to himself. He hoped nothing would happen to Nina all night.

He intentionally let Max and Nina sleep in his and Max's big bedroom, and he sleep next to the master bedroom.

Of course, even if Ethan didn't say anything, Max would insist on living with Nina in the same room.

It seemed that Ethan didn't dare to take off his pajamas at all. He was just wearing pajamas.

It was already two o'clock in the morning when he read books. Looking out of the window, he found that everything was quiet and beautiful except for the twittering of insects, there was no sign of danger.

He smiled with self mockery and thought, 'it's all your fault. You are too sensitive to Bonny. As a woman, how could you be so malicious?'!

As he rubbed his eyes, the handwriting on the book began to become blurred. He was sleepy.

he stood up, stretched himself, got up from the sofa and went to bed.

After a short while, Ethan turned off the lights and snored.

In the blink of an eye, a shadow walked out from the jungle in the garden.

He acted as light as a swallow and avoided the bodyguard's sight. He just c

"tell me, or I'll kill you!"

With both of their legs injured, Black wind could not stand up at all.

He gritted his teeth, lowered his head and said nothing. he covered the wound with his hands and trembled with pain.

"Don't be so stubborn!" Bob kicked him to the ground, and then with a big foot, he figured out the wound on Black wind's knee.

The Black wind howled in pain.

"Say it or not? Who is more important than your life, huh? " As Howard raised his silenced pistol again.

"Will you let me go if I tell you the truth?" he understood that money was important, but life was more important than money. In sharp pain, he tried to compromise.

"I will definitely let you go as long as you tell me the truth!" Said Howard with determination.

The Black wind started to take a deep breath. When he reached the fifth position, he said, "Okay, I'll tell you!"

"Who is it?" Howard asked again.

"Yes..." Before the Black wind could speak out a name, he felt a spear in his heart and then fell down.

As soon as Howard turned his head, he saw Bonny standing in front of him.

"Bonny? Why did you beat him to death? " Howard growled.

"Howard, don't be angry? It's late now. Why do you have to make a deal with a gangster? If he lies to you and you let him go, maybe he will hurt you in turn, right? " Bonny walked to Black wind and said, "let me see who is this man. He is so audacious that he even dares to have designs on Howard. Is he crazy about money?"

Bonny waved at Bob.

As a result, he had no choice but to withdraw his feet and stand aside.

Howard was very careful about this woman, let alone the humble man!

Bonny squatted down. As expected, she found what she wanted in the Black wind's hand. She hid the bag in her hands quietly.

"Howard, I know this person. He should be the top international killer, Black wind. I heard that he is ruthless and specialized in robbing the richest rich people in the world. I didn't expect that Howard would become his prey. However, it seems that your wealth is also in the small world. " Bonny said calmly.

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