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   Chapter 116 a troublesome question

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The moment Ethan walked in, Max told him to go to the kitchen.

Ethan had no regrets. He was happy to serve his two pregnant aunts.

There were many dishes on the table, but Nina was eating slowly like chewing wax.

She felt so depressed thinking that Bonny was together with Howard.

What's more, they might be in the same office. Bonny was so active. There must be something going on between them!

But it had nothing to do with her. Nina felt very unhappy about it!

Nina couldn't help but sigh.

Max was also in a bad mood. She looked up from time to time and asked, "Nana, what's wrong?"

She shook her head.

"Nana, it's okay. And you may rest assured that Howard doesn't like Bonny. " Ethan attentively picked up a chicken leg for Nina.

Then she slowly looked at him and said, "Ethan, I think you know a lot about that. Tell me, how did you know that Howard doesn't like Bonny?"

"Honey, please don't ask me more. I just know that." He didn't know what to say.

"Ethan, do you think beggar love me?" Asked Nina.

Ethan directly raised his hand and swore, "Nina, I swear to you that the beggar must love you."

"What do you think, Mr. Howard?" Asked Nina tentatively, looking right at him.

"Nina, what do you want to know? Or have you known something? " He wondered whether Nina had known that?

With a wry smile, Nina replied, "Ethan, the only man in my life is a beggar. As for Howard, he treated me very well. It's just a casual question."

"He Is he true to you? Now that the beggar is gone, I miss him I think he still loves you. "

It was really a troublesome question, thought Ian.

"Well, if Bonny never appeared in my life, will he marry me?" Nina continued to ask.

"In fact, if the beggar doesn't show up, even with Bonny, I think, in the end, Howard will marry you, Nana." His words were incoherent.

"No, he won't. We're different people. I really thank you for being so good to Max. She is such a heartless woman, and she has found such a great man like you. It's her fortune. I wish you all the best!" In Nina's view, it was just a luck, or the so-called destiny, that Max was able to find such a good man as Ethan.

It turned out that her destiny was so bad!

Tears welled up again from Nina's eyes. She raised her glass and said, "I sincerely wish you happiness!"

Seeing Nina in great pain, a knife pierced Max's heart.

"Nana, the beggar will be back. Listen to me, he will definitely come back," Hearing Max's words, Nina couldn't help but cry, too.

Ethan sighed slightly, stood up, took out his phone and went upstairs.

"Mr. Howard, Howard, Nina is pregnant with your child now. What are you going t

e Max scolded, the more excited she was.

"Don't worry. I won't lie to you, Max. Keep your emotion. Don't let your baby get hurt. Honey, come on. Cool down. " "Okay, okay. Let's go!".

Max smiled. It seemed that this was the first time that Ethan had called her baby.

Max was so careless that she blushed.

Ethan squatted down and kissed Max on her belly, and then he continued, "I want you to be happy, as long as you are together with me, I will be the happiest person in the world."

What a nice scene!

Nina rubbed her eyes. She also wanted to spend the rest of her life with the beggar. As long as he was by her side, she was the happiest person in the world.

She once had that kind of happiness, but it happened too fast, as if it had never existed.

Nina left the room, went downstairs and went to the garden.

Bonny had already been pushed away by Howard. "Bonny, you are only busy at work. Don't bring your personal emotions to work. Otherwise, I can drive you back to England this time."

Bonny smiled, "don't be so serious, Mr. Howard. We're the only people here."

He threw the rules of the plutocrat to Bonny, "you can check it by yourself. If you can't understand, you can ask me."

"Ho, rules." Bonny rolled her body and said, "yes, I like your majesty. OK, I will try my best to learn to be obedient."

"Take your time. I'll go out for a while." Howard tied up her hair and stood up.

"Don't you want me to go with you?" Bonny smiled and put her slender fingers on his shoulder.

When he smelled the familiar and tried out special French rose perfume, he let out a deep breath and released Bonny's hand.

He said lightly, "no need."

Now, his mind was in a mess. He needed some time to calm down and figure out a way to get along with Bonny.

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