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   Chapter 115 do not take friendship seriously

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Thinking about it for a long time, Howard finally whispered in Ethan's ear, telling him to take good care of Nina and not to make any trouble.

By then, Ethan had finally realized that Bonny had already known the relationship between Howard and Nina.

On the other hand, Howard was afraid that Bonny would do something dangerous.

Ethan could only nod to agree, and inexplicably felt a little pressure in his heart.

The current situation was not like what he imagined. He was a little flustered. Of course, he believed that Mr. Howard would have a hard time.

Bonny was not an easy-going woman. And she was the granddaughter in law that Allen liked.

Here came the problem. What about Nina now?

If he really took Nina with him, and if something went wrong with Nina in his hand, he wouldn't let him go.

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

If he had known it would be so complicated, he wouldn't have got involved in this mess!

"Nina, you can only stay there for one night. Don't forget to come to work tomorrow, understand? " He didn't allow anyone to refuse him.

"You are such a bully!" Max continued.

Bonny clenched her teeth. She would have gone up and taught him a lesson if he didn't say that she was his woman.

"Honey, I can't stay with you for a whole night. It's too much time!" Ethan persuaded gently.

If Nina was going to his house, he wouldn't sleep tonight.

"Just for one night. Let's go, Max." Said Nina, holding Max's hand.

Max gave Bonny a defiant look and left with Nina.

"Bonny, I have time I'll go now. See you later. " Said Ethan perfunctorily.

"Aren't you going to invite me to your house?" Said Bonny unhappily.

"No, don't. maybe another time. What do you think, Howard?" Ethan looked at Howard.

"What a crap! Leave now!" Then Howard turned around and walked to his office.

You don't want to leave! With an embarrassed smile on his face, Ethan turned around and ran away.

The smile on Bonny's face froze. Everyone was putting on a show!

She was also the leading role of this event!

Bonny smiled coldly and went to Mr. Howard's office.

Nina sat on Ethan's car listlessly.

"Nana, where does Bonny come from?" "Why do I feel this name familiar?" she asked with a frown

With her eyes closed, slowly, Nina said, "Max, we saw the scene on TV in the supermarket on TV, including the beach, fireworks, and "

"Bonny?" Max widened her eyes and shouted, "shit! What the hell is going on? Does Bonny know your beggar? Something is wrong. Why does she come to the Hua financial tycoon now? What's going on? "

At this time, Max couldn't connect the beggar with Howard anyway. Her brain was in a chaos.

"This Bonny is the one you are looking." Nina replied in a weak voice.

She had kep

ng clear, that was, both the beggar and Howard would be separated from her life.

"I don't know, Miss Max. I really don't know. Please don't ask about it, okay?" Max pulled his ear so hard that it hurt a lot. He slipped his hand from the steering wheel and said, "I'm driving. Both of you are pregnant. Why don't you take your own life seriously? Can you just think about the baby?"

His words worked. Nina said, "Max, no matter who the beggar is, it has already happened. Since Ethan doesn't want to talk about it, don't force him. Things will not be able to be covered one day. It's all my fault. I'm sorry, my child. It's my fault that I can't give him a father."

Max calmed down and said, "Nana, do you know anything? What are you hiding from me? "

Nina shook her head painfully. "Max, I don't know anything. Please don't ask again, okay?"

Max nodded helplessly. "Fine, then I won't ask any more. But what the hell is this?"

Ethan rubbed his ear and drove the car with one hand. "You're right. What the hell is wrong?"

There was dead silence in the car.

Nina fell asleep.

It was not until they arrived at the villa that Nina was woken up by Max.

"Nana, you can eat whatever you like. I'll ask the cook to cook for you." Max opened the door and let Nina in.

In low spirits, Nina sat on the sofa, rubbing her forehead and shaking her head.

"Don't be so dramatic. If you starve to death, no one will feel sorry for you." Max pulled Nina up and said, "Nana, I have an intuition that the beggar might appear out of nowhere and then I will get even with you."

Nina shook her head lazily. She bowed her head and stroked her belly. "Max, I don't want to hear your excuses. I'm satisfied as long as my baby is well."

She had already indifferent to her relationship with the beggar, so the child was the only thing in her future life.

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