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   Chapter 114 bad business

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On the other hand, Howard had been watching Nina all the time. When he saw her staggering, he knew that she was not feeling well. When he was about to stand up and see what was going on, he was stopped by Bonny.

"Howard, everyone is here. Where are you going?"

Howard can only sit down.

It was not because he didn't dare to go after Nina, but because he didn't want Bonny to hate her more.

The more grudges Bonny harboured, the more dangerous Nina would be.

Nina threw up in the washroom until she was about to spit out the bitter water.

She leaned against the wall.

At this moment, she felt she was abandoned by the whole world.

Then she took out her phone and called Max.

She opened her mouth and cried out, "Max."

Wheezing, Max was entertaining herself. When she saw that Nina was calling, she answered the phone in a hurry.

"Nana, what's wrong? Are you missing me? "

"No, I feel bad?" Tears streamed down Nina's face.

"It doesn't matter if you are pregnant. You can learn from me and listen to music." Max stroked her lower abdomen, with a happy expression on her face.

"Max, I want to talk to you for a while. I'm depressed." Said Nina painfully, with her hand on her chest.

"Okay, okay. I'm here. Just tell me." Max had no idea what had happened to Nina. She thought that Nina was pregnant and was in bad mood.

"I want to see you." Nina began to sob.

Until then did Max realize that the situation was a bit serious, "Nana, do you come or should I go?"

"You come, but I can't go." Nina said sadly.

"Why not?" "Are you imprisoned by Mr. Howard?"

"Pretty much the same. I can't go out anyway. You come to the Hua financial tycoon to pick me up."

"Shoot! What is going on here, Mr. Howard? Nana, please wait for me. I'll go now. " Feeling wronged, Max took back the receiver and changed her clothes with swearing.

"Honey, where are you going?" As soon as Ethan entered the living room, he saw Max coming down the stairs in a huff.

"I'm going to get even with that bastard, Mr. Howard." Max said angrily.

"Oh, Howard's money doesn't belong to you, and you didn't owe it either. How do you get even with him?" "Okay, okay. But don't worry. Let's go!".

This girl was too stubborn. He didn't know what Howard had done to make her angry again.

"I am not settling my accounts. I am settling my accounts with my friends." Max shouted at Ethan.

"Sure enough, pregnant women have a bad temper. Do you think the security guards of Hua group are idle? How could he let you in? " Ethan sneered.

But she soon calmed down.

With a cheeky grin, she said, "honey, can you drive me there?"

"Well, that's a good idea. But honey, tell me, what do you want from Mr. Howard?"

"Oh, you're so long winded, Ethan. Is it because of Nana? She was bullied by Mr. Howard. I'll go and see what happened. " Max said impatiently.

"My dear wife, how could Howard bear to bully Nina? Are you sure you are not mista

uards behind him all raised their eyebrows. This woman was so bold.

But since Howard didn't mind it at all, no one dared to step forward.

Besides, President Ethan has admitted that she is his woman. '.

When Nina saw that Howard ignored her, she was extremely sad. "Max, stop shouting. Let's leave here."

Hearing that, Howard frowned and thought for a while. If Nina went with them, he could keep his eyes on Bonny, but he couldn't keep his eyes on Bonny's subordinates!

After thinking it over, he decided not to let Nina go.

So he stretched out his hand and blocked the way of Ethan, saying, "you can't take her away."

"Mr. Howard, what are you doing?" Max broke out into curses.

"Nina is my employee now. I don't allow her to leave. So, are you deaf?" Howard said coldly.

"Shoot! I was blind not to meet you, but you still praised Nana in front of her. What do you mean? How could you occupy Nana while keeping such a woman at your side?"

"Ethan, get out of here as soon as possible!" Howard was in a hurry. It would add insult to injury if they met with Max.

"You guys, help me take my wife out..." As a matter of fact, he was afraid that Max would say something to irritate Bonny again, so he had to ask Howard's bodyguards to take Max away.

These men lifted Max up, and she kept scolding him angrily.

"Max, please don't leave me. I want to go with you," said Nina

Thinking of the time when Bonny was with Howard in Howard's villa, Nina became even more annoyed. Now that she finally saw Max, she just wanted to say something to her, so she didn't want her to leave.

As a result of Max's reckless effort, Ethan got into a panic, because he knew that Max was pregnant with Ethan's baby!

He looked at his brother reluctantly, "Howard, could you let Nina stay with us for one night?"

Nina also looked at him expectantly.

"We only have one secretary and two servants. Howard, take them away. Don't you want to?" Said Bonny scornfully.

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