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   Chapter 112 losing weight is a woman's whole life career

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The next day, when Nina woke up, she felt quiet in the villa.

She looked at the clock again and found that it was already nine o'clock in the morning. She was so drowsy.

'oh my God! Are you going to be late for work.

Howard is so annoying! Why didn't Howard call me last night!

Nina got dressed and cleaned in a hurry, then she ran downstairs in a hurry.

Taking off her slippers in a hurry and running out, she heard a man's voice with a hoarse voice. "Nina, you haven't had dinner yet. Where are you going?"

Howard's voice came from the direction of the dining room. Nina looked back immediately.

She saw Howard sitting leisurely at the table.

Then, she looked at Bonny.

Bonny dressed up like a wild woman today. No, she should be wild. With a red tight skirt and yellow hair, she looked a little bit gorgeous.

Perhaps feeling her gaze, Bonny slowly turned her head and looked into her eyes.

Although she was smiling, in Nina's eyes, it was not as pleasant as expressionless.

"Ms. Nina, how's your sleep?"

"Not bad. Otherwise, how could I get up so late?" Nina had always been a good girl in front of her parents, and she was also a good student in her teacher's impression. But she would never get better in front of Bonny.

Nina came over, pulled open the dining chair and took the plate on the table to eat.

She was a little hungry.

"Well, Howard, Miss Nina Is real. " Bonny smiled and took a sip of her milk.

Hearing Bonny's words, Nina choked her food and lowered her head, while she was chewing very happily.

She kept rubbing her neck and stared at him, "Mr. Howard, it was you who asked me to come here and have breakfast, wasn't it?"

Howard pushed Nina's milk cup and said, "drink it and don't talk, okay?"

'damn it! What does he mean?

Did they all dislike her?

It seems that Nina has a clear estimation of herself?

She knew that she was not a lady from an eminent family and she couldn't play as elegant as Bonny. She just wanted to have her breakfast and didn't need to be carried and uncomfortable by Bonny

Nina picked up the cup and drank the milk, then she saw Bonny looking at her with a smile.

Nina was confused. Why did she stare at her if she didn't eat?

Well, she was beautiful and very popular with men. However, it was a little uncomfortable to be stared by a woman!

"You don't eat?" Nina rubbed her arms and asked.

"I'm full." Bonny had already burst into laughter inexplicably.

"I just saw you drink a little milk. Are you really full?" Nina asked in uncertainty.

"Yes. My mother has taught me women to eat less and keep a good figure. Only in this way can men like me." Bonny paused and looked at her up and down. "Miss Nina, haven't your mother told you that losing weight is a woman's career?"

"Okay," Nina shook her head. "We are from a small family, and we don't have

nd. I can't understand anything now. I don't understand why you did this... " Nina choked with sobs.

Yes, she was too young to understand. She had no idea what was going on.

He had been nice to her, loved her with beggar, and now he was trying his best to protect Bonny.

While Nina, Howard, became more and more indifferent and neglected her.

"Mr. Howard, you already have Bonny. Why do you still keep me by your side?" Nina murmured sorrowfully. She raised her arms obediently and let Mr. Howard take off her dirty dress and change new clothes for her.

"Sweetie, listen to me. I don't like Bonny. But she is the girl my grandfather likes. I can't do anything to her. You don't understand yet. You will understand after a while. "

"Mr. Howard, I don't understand. But I don't have to. And it's none of my business whether you have feelings for Bonny or not. I just hope that you can let go of me, OK?" Said Nina helplessly.

"No way?" Said Howard with determination.


For what? Did he love her or hate her?

Nina didn't give her a reason.

"I can't give you any reason now, but you'll understand it later," replied Howard

'again, in the future...'

With a smile on her face, Nina said, "you want to imprison me, right? I'd like to see what you will do to me!"

Lowering his voice, Howard said, "honey, what I did is all for your own good. I hope you can understand me."

With a snort, Nina stood up and straightened her clothes. "Let's go to work. You can't believe in the society nowadays. Only believe in money. It's really good!"

"Nobody said that I can't believe it, right?" Howard opened the door for Nina.

Nina looked back at him and said, "you're the most incredible person in the world."

Nina had never been cheated like this. The beggar she trusted most was the one who tricked her into the most miserable situation.

Life was everywhere, and where trickery was.

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