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   Chapter 111 an accident

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In fact, Nina didn't leave the window much. She was not a bold person!

But when she was about to get to the window, an accident happened. She grasped the sheet tightly and fell down.

"Ah, Mr. Howard..." Two words flashed through Nina's mind, "yes."

But why did the buttons, which were solid, open?

How could Nina expect that it was not an accident, but a totally broken man.

Of course, it must be Bonny. No one else would do that.

Bonny heard the noise?

She was standing in front of the window of Howard's bedroom and watched everything that happened just now.

She was abnormally calm, or even emotionless, so calm that she only wanted to destroy it.

When he agreed with Nina's request, Bonny was burning with jealousy.

Huh, a man who never compromised for anyone actually became nervous, even compromised and even pleaded for such a little Nina.

Bonny wondered why her life was so important for such a young woman like Nina?

Bonny slowly turned around and walked out of Howard's bedroom, then she went into Nina's. she stretched out her hand to unfasten Nina's button on the bed sheet.

When she saw Nina couldn't control her body and fell down, bonny smiled and walked towards the big bedroom of Howard.

Fortunately, Howard had been keeping an eye on Nina, so he didn't leave.

Just as Nina fell, Howard rushed forward and stretched out his arms.

The people downstairs were so anxious that they didn't know what to do. They stood beside Howard and opened their arms.

When her body fell down vertically, she closed her eyes in despair. After she fell on the ground with a bang, she didn't dare think about the consequences.

Nina grinned with self mockery. At this time, she was still in the mood to hear it?

However, instead of "bang", she fell into a soft embrace.

Even though she fell into Howard's arms, he was still worried about her and growled, "Bob, get the doctor."

"Yes, Mr. Howard." Bob took out his cell phone and called Mr. Howard's private doctor.

Nina opened her eyes and saw that Howard was looking at her with deep and surprised eyes.

"Mr. Howard, I don't need a doctor. I don't have anything else to do." Nina escaped from danger and once again felt the beauty of the world. She actually gave a lovely smile to Howard.

The smile fell into the eyes of Howard, like a spring breeze or an autumn moon, exceedingly beautiful. It instantly shocked him.

He rubbed her nose with his chin and said in a charming voice, "honey, don't you think it's better to let the doctor have a look? Not for you, but for the baby, right? "

"Sentimental!" Said Nina scornfully.

"I'm just being sentimental, okay?"

A doctor had rushed to the room.

"Young master Who is ill? "

Howard gently put her down. "Have a check-up to see if she's all right."

"Yes, sir!" The doctor came to Nina.

"Wait!" Nina beckoned the doctor, "don't come over. I'm fine, and I'm not in any condition."

"Young master..." The doctor looked at her expectantly.

"Are you sure you are alright?" Howard aske

d touched Bonny's face, but there was no response from her.

Hearing that, a smile played at the corners of Howard's mouth. He knew what would happen next.

It was Bonny who had started all this. After all, Bonny was a martial artist. Even if he came in, she would notice his touch!

Why did she pretend to be asleep today? She had a guilty conscience!

But, Bonny, do you underestimate me too much!

Then he turned around and walked out of the bedroom, heading to Nina's bedroom.

Nina was busy tidying up the room. The bed sheet was pulled down and the room was in a mess!

"Aren't you with Bonny? Why are you in my bedroom?" Nina rolled up her bed sheet.

"I'm afraid that you might take things too hard, so I come here." Howard pointed at Nina, who was holding the sheet in her arms. "How did you fall just now?"

"I... I The tie is quite solid. I don't know how to reply to it, but I just suddenly fell down! " Nina said with hesitation, "but, Mr. Howard, I have never taken things too hard. I'm still so young. I won't risk my life. So you can leave now. I'm really sleepy and want to sleep! "

Touching Nina's belly, Howard smiled and said, "did I scare you? It's all right. It's all over now. Be good, don't bully Mommy. Do you hear me?"

There was tenderness in Howard's eyes, as if a child was standing in front of him.

If it were the beggar who said these words, she would be moved deeply.


With an almost inaudible sigh, Nina pushed Howard impatiently and said, "Mr. Howard, you may leave now. I'm really going to sleep. Go and find Bonny. She might be waiting for you!"

"You really don't want to see me?" Howard asked.

Nina pushed him out of the door and said, "yes, I'm looking forward to seeing you all the time. Don't you know that?"

Finishing speaking, Nina closed the door, but her tears fell down.

Rubbing his eyebrows with hesitation, Howard thought that since Nina didn't want him to protect her, he'd better take good care of Bonny.

Therefore, Howard returned to his big bedroom.

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