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   Chapter 110 scheming

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Nina felt very tired! She was too tired to argue with Bonny, let alone quarrel with her.

Unfortunately, the cake was gone before she could speak out her wish.

Her wish was that she could go back in time, and that she would never meet Howard!

If she didn't meet Mr. Howard, she could happily have a normal relationship with an ordinary person; if she didn't meet him, she could marry a man and have several kids; if she didn't meet him, she could live a simple life, and her life was stable and peaceful.

It would be great if she didn't meet him!

Nina went back to her room. She took out the concentric knot that Mr. Howard put in her pocket.

From the stairs came Bonny's laughing and she laughed very loudly, saying, "Mr. Howard, I want to live with you in the same room!"

"No way!" Howard refused coldly.

"Is it because of that woman? How could you like her? She is so ordinary. Howard, wake up. Even if you like her, grandpa won't like her. Don't ever think about it... " Bonny said confidently.

Howard understood that what Bonny said was true. With strong traditional concept, Grandpa was very conservative. What he wanted was the marriage of the rich and powerful family and to let the Hua Group thrive.

But what his grandfather wants is just the interests of Hua group, not his love!

"Take Miss Bonny to the guest room!" He didn't allow her to refuse him.

A servant hurried to him.

"Well, it seems that we have been separated for so long that you have forgotten my character and habits. I never obey anyone, let alone... " Bonny put her hand on his shoulder and asked, "where's my dear, Mr. Howard?"

"Bonny, you're too naughty." Then he let go of Bonny's hand.

Bonny winked at Howard, "Mr. Howard, it's not willful, it's personality. I was like this when I was a child. Do you forget what you liked the most?"

"Young master -" the servant looked at him in embarrassment.

"You don't have to call Mr. Howard. I have the right to deal with this matter. You can leave now." Bonny said, as if she was a guest who took away the host.

The servant was afraid. She went downstairs as Howard didn't say anything.

Bonny went directly into the big bedroom of Mr. Howard.

Howard paused a little in front of Nina's room. Then he unbuttoned it, turned around and walked into the bathroom.

Bonny's words hit Nina's heart, making her wake up from the dream.

There was no way that they could be together even if Howard still loved her. Due to the difference in status between her and Howard, the gap in the family and the objection of Howard's grandpa

It was a gap between her and Mr. Howard that could not be crossed.

The so-called rich family would never prepare for such an ordinary woman like her.

If she broke in without permission, her body would be smashed into pieces.

And for Howard, there would always be a beauty in his arms, and h

"Cut the crap! Use a ladder..." Without wearing his clothes, Howard ran to the path in front of the villa directly wrapped in bath towel.

Looking up, Howard saw Nina hanging in the air.

Howard was so scared that he broke into a sweat.


Not wanting to frighten Nina, he lowered his voice.

Hearing Howard's voice, Nina realized that she had been found. "Don't come here, Howard. If you come here, I will jump down from here."

In fact, he didn't worry that Nina would jump down. The distance between the second floor and the first floor was not too high, and he could catch her with one hand.

He was worried about the baby in Nina's belly.

"Nina, stop fooling around. Just protect our child. Okay?" It was inevitable that he became more nervous.

Nina wouldn't make fun of her and her baby's lives. She felt lucky that she had found the supporting point for her feet. She gradually regained some of her strength.

"Mr. Howard, I just want to leave here. As long as you let me go, I'll climb up the cliff." Nina seized the chance to make a request. "I'm here like being imprisoned by you. I don't want to live such a life, not even for a moment!"

Not daring to be aggressive any more, Howard kept saying with his heart hanging in the throat, "Okay, Nina. You can do anything as long as you climb up!"

"We are all here listening to you, Mr. Howard. Don't act like a spoiled child!" Afraid that Howard would not admit it, Nina said to him, "Bob, could you please be my witness?"

Bob looked at his master in embarrassment. Without the permission of Howard, he did not dare to promise hastily.

Howard nodded.

"Yes I can testify for you, Miss Nina! " Bob raised his head and asked.

Nina forced a smile. After all, she was a girl. She couldn't use much strength. She was afraid of the stalemate between her and her baby. That wouldn't be worth it.

Then she climbed up with all her strength.

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