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   Chapter 109 things had changed

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Then Nina walked away from Howard.

But how could Mr. Howard let her leave in this way!

After a few steps of chasing, he pulled Nina into his arms.

His voice was dumb and a little sullen. "Babe, where do you want to go?"

"Mr. Howard, have you no shame? Did you see that all women around the world call your baby? See, your baby is in your villa, not me, but Bonny! " Nina's words were full of anger, yes and jealousy.

Even though she hated Howard so much, she was still mad with jealousy.

"Howard, if you let her go, she may not really leave. I've seen many women like her. She's just playing cat and mouse with me, but you take it seriously!" Bonny walked out and stood on the marble stairs.

"Bonny is right. I am playing hard to get." Nina put her hands around Howard's neck and said, "you are the most popular president of the Hua group, and your power is invincible in the city. So, huh, women are naturally coveting. Such a snobbish woman like me, are you still reluctant to let go?"

Of course, Nina said this to Bonny, who clenched her teeth secretly.

This seemingly weak woman dared to provoke her?

"A snob?" Howard raised his eyebrows and sneered, "I have many snobbish women. You are the last one!" Howard said contemptuously.

"Ha, Mr. Howard..." Nina glanced at Howard's hand and lowered her voice, "Mr. Howard, do you want me to bite you again?"

Without loosening his grip, Howard held her even tighter and said, "Nina, I won't let you go even if you have great power and even if you bite me again. You got it? Don't challenge my endurance. You should think more about your parents, okay? "

Alas, both hard and soft ways failed. Nina felt that she was a failure.

She struggled desperately and shouted, "don't threaten me with my parents. Let me tell you, Mr. Howard, I don't want to care about anything now. I really want to leave you now. I don't want to see you again. Stay away from me. You go away!" Nina opened her mouth and tried to bite his wrist again. However, she was held by Howard in his arms.

Bonny crossed her arms over her chest and stared at them coldly.

'Howard, Nina. They are all very nice!'!

What did he take her for? Bystander? outsider?


Bonny was never the outsider in this love game. No one could put her out.

Just as neither of them would concede, the Butler came.

He said in a low voice, "Mr. Howard, the cake you ordered..."

Butler's arrival made him so confused that he had ordered multi-layer birthday cake for Nina today, forgetting about the cake issue.

He was supposed to cancel it or send it somewhere else. Generally speaking, he didn't want Bonny to see it.

"What cake? Let me have a look." Though the housekeeper said in a low voice, Bonny still heard it.

Bonny walked down the stone steps, swinging her hair.

It was impossible for him to send the cake somewhere else.

"Really? What a big cake, huh Mr. Howard, is this cake for me? " Bonny said and asked the servant to lift the cake down an

d candles in the garden were lit up. The large amount of them surrounded the hearts of couples.

But the most critical line didn't show up. It said, "Nina, let me tell you a secret. Howard is your beggar husband. We love you the same way in the whole world!"!

Howard's sentimental words finally came out of Howard's mind. Yesterday, he had spent a whole day's time to design it. He had planned to give Nina an elaborate gift tonight, and then reveal his identity. It never occurred to him that Bonny would show up today!

Therefore, his wish to show his identity to Nina was spoiled!

Although they acted like this, Nina was moved.

It was sadness and gratitude.

If you don't love me, why are you so intent on celebrating my birthday. If you love me, why do you cheat me so much?

When love is overwhelmed by sadness, it will turn into hatred. Mr. Howard, do you understand?

"Nina, light up the candles," Noticing that Nina was still in a daze, he reminded her.

Bonny looked at her indifferently. Although she didn't know much about the customs of Chinese people, her sixth sense told her that Nina, the woman called Nina, would be treated better than her.

She could see that Howard did everything willingly. He didn't want her to celebrate her birthday, so every year he would remind her of Mr. Howard, so he would ask grandpa to force him.

This was the difference between love and not love!

But, how could she tolerate other women to touch Howard, as he treated her as her since she was a little girl!

Bonny picked up a small stone and flicked it with her index finger, which happened to hit one of the legs of the cake shelf. With a loud bang, the eight layer cake collapsed.

"Bonny -" shouted Howard in a cold voice.

"Howard, what happened? I want to eat cake! Oh, yeah, the wind was too strong today, blowing the cake rack over, damn the weather... " Bonny shouted, pretending to be innocent.

The lighter slipped from Nina's hand, and she turned around and left.

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