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   Chapter 108 drive Sean out

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10180

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The position of the Howard's mistress represents endless glory and wealth. Countless women have been longing for it. Nina was about to get it, but she had to give it up.

"Since Howard doesn't love me, why should I miss him?" Nina sighed.

"Nana, listen to me. We can't make such a rush decision on this matter. Give us some time to think it over. Do you understand? Don't do anything stupid, okay?" Said Max firmly.

In this way, even Max was not willing to give up Howard.

"But I don't know what to do." Nina pulled her hair and said bitterly.

"Nina, now let's pretend that we don't know that the beggar and Howard are the same. We won't fight against them unless they are defeated. I'd like to see what Howard is going to do."

Nina was silent.

"Nana, don't worry. I will never tell Ethan about this. Could you please just hold on for a little longer?" "Okay. Max, if you make any more trouble, I'll be more careful.".

Why did everyone ask her to be patient? How could she tolerate this? How could she be indifferent to Howard close and intimate contact with Bonny every day?

Well, if she didn't know before that the beggar was Mr. Howard, she could have been totally indifferent!

Now that she knew what happened, was it too cruel to make her endure Howard again?

"Nana, you have to know that we still don't understand what Howard means by saying that. Guess is not enough!" Seeing that Nina didn't say anything, Max tried to persuade her again.

"Yes," Nina said obediently after she thought for a while.

But she felt infinite anger and grievance.

"Dear baby, happy birthday to you!" Max took a big kiss on her phone.

Right then, Nina kissed her phone perfunctorily and went offline.

In the past, she had been eager for a beggar husband to celebrate her birthday. She didn't want any precious gifts, and she was happy even if she only had a dog's followers.

However, just like a bubble, as the truth surfaced, all the good things before vanished!

Today was her birthday, but she was not happy at all!

"Nina, what did you do? All the servants work downstairs. Why aren't you here?" Bonny's sharp voice came from outside.

Nina got up from the bed and opened the door.

Bonny stood arrogantly outside the door.

She said word by word, "Nina, I asked you to work downstairs. Do you understand?"

Nina said nothing. She walked past Bonny and came down.

After taking off his pajamas, Howard walked out in a lazy way, with his collar in his hands.

"Bonny, dinner is ready. Let's go downstairs!" Called Howard.

Lowering her head, Nina quickly walked past Howard.

"Let's go to the restaurant for dinner." Said Howard in a low voice.

Nina didn't hear that and went downstairs.

She and the servant carried the food to the table, and then respectfully stood in two sides.

Howard walked in and frowned with displeasure.

Bonny smiled and looked at the Chinese food with cold eyes. "Mr. Howard, I'm a guest. I grew up in England. How can I eat these

would be terrible!

Meanwhile, Howard leapt up from the chair.

"Bonny, this is my home. What do you want to do?" On the other hand, Howard stood in front of Nina to protect her. He held Bonny's hands tightly and looked at her with cold eyes. "For the sake of Grandpa and uncle Su, I don't want to hurt you, but please don't hurt anyone here. They are my people, understand?"

Bonny sneered in her mind. As expected, she had confirmed that the information of demons was solid.

Bonny smiled coldly and stepped back. "Mr. Howard, look at your serious face. Oh, I just wanted to frighten her, OK?"

"Even if it was her fault, I would teach her a lesson instead of you. Bonny, you'd better remember this!"

"Hum." Said Bonny, shrugging her shoulders.

Teach her a lesson? She hated the words. Why should they teach her a lesson?

Fine, I'm not a match for you guys. Can I just leave?

Nina stubbornly turned around and left.

Hearing Nina's words, Howard squinted his eyes and thought, 'this girl is really stubborn!'!

"Nina!" he muttered in regret.

He was sure that as long as she walked out of the villa, there would be accidents. He knew Bonny for so many years and knew her character and style very well. Bonny would never let go of Nina. Absolutely not!

The people she hated, whether it was men or women, were dead or disabled!

Nina ignored Howard's greeting and went straight to the garden.

In the garden, the lights were bright, and flowers were dancing in the wind.

Taking a deep breath, she looked at the elegant cobblestone path in the garden. She would walk across the path, around the large swimming pool and then carve and gold-plated gate.

As long as she walked out of the door, she swore that she would never come back!

She would have a beautiful past with beggar, as well as an inexplicable friendship and resentment with Howard. If she stayed in the past, she would break all the relations with him!

Since then, her life had nothing to do with Howard anymore!

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