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   Chapter 107 bad news

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Filled with resentment, Nina dragged the suitcase and entered the villa without looking back.

It's just to put her luggage in Howard's room?

Then Nina directly took the luggage to the room of Howard.

Then, she went back to her room and threw herself on the bed, pulled the pillow close to her and buried her head in it.

She didn't know what to do?

She really wanted to escape this hell like place!

The shot where Howard and Bonny were setting off fireworks was played over and over again in Nina's mind. She hated herself so much. Why didn't she listen to Max at that time?

Why did she trust the beggar's words so much?

But now, you have promised to do it, right?

She couldn't find a place to cry?

Nina was very regretful.


Nina sniffed. It seemed that only Max trusted her at the moment!

Then she took out her phone and dialed the number.

Max had just been interrogated by Ethan.

All she wanted to do was to sell his car.

Ethan patted his hands and said with sharp eyes, "honey, I want to ask you a question. If you dare to lie to me, see if you see my tutor? This stick is not easy to deal with! "

"Damn it. Don't talk big. Don't tell me that I have an affair with another man. I don't think I will do such a vile thing like you are! " Max showed the whites of her eyes without fear.

"Honey, don't play tricks on me. Be honest, where is your car?" "What are you talking about?".

Max had expected that this would happen sooner or later. She had even typed the reason in her mind for several times.

Hence, she immediately said tearfully, "honey, you already knew that my car was stolen by a bad guy. I was afraid that you would feel sorry for that, so I didn't want to tell you. But I didn't expect you to know that. Honey, it's all my fault. It's all my fault. I'm so guilty. You hit me, but I..." "Let's go!".

A bewildered look flashed across Ethan's eyes. Did he hear it right? Did Max call him 'honey'?

For the first time in his life.

The word "honey" from Max melted his heart very much, so he naturally softened his heart and said, "Hey, honey, stop. We have something to talk about."

"So do you believe me?" Max stole a glance at Ethan.

"Yes, I trust you." Ethan added.

Hearing this, Max smiled secretly and released the priest from his grip.

"Honey, now that someone stole the car, why didn't you call the police? That's 14 million. If it has been stolen, just a few tears will be enough? "

Hearing that, Max dazzled her eyes. It turned out that Ethan was not so easy to be fooled!

So she smiled awkwardly and said, "not yet. I want to wait for a few days. Maybe the robber will find out and send the car back to me!"

"Haha Honey, you are such a good liar! Look! What's this? " Then, he took out his phone and opened the video.

Max leaned her head over to take a look. When she saw the name on the screen, she was stunned. It was a trade.

The man smiled, showing his gold teeth.

Taking a deep breath, Max asked, "how did you know that, Ethan?"

Max thought that the matter was very secret, and she even did not escape the investigation of Ethan. Wasn't it a bit inco

Nina right away and tell her this good news as soon as possible. But at that time, Ethan appeared. That was why she had waited for so long.

Why did Nina know everything?

She had paid two million. If the information was reliable, she would pay that private detective five million next!

They could afford milk and bread!

But there was only one message from Nina, which read, "I've known it for a long time.".

'what does she mean?

"I guessed," Replied Nina.

"Have you told Howard yet? No, you are the one who should question. Is it Howard? " Max asked anxiously.

"No, I didn't."

"Silly girl, what are you going to do?" Realizing that Nina was not as excited and exited as she expected, Max's enthusiasm was finally subsided like the flood.

"I want to leave, Mr. Howard. Everything that happened between me and the beggar could be treated as a dream..." When Nina said this, her heart ached.

"How stupid you are! You have married the beggar, and you are pregnant with his child. How could you just leave him? It's not good for a woman to be angry and play. Nana" Max advised.

"I didn't want to. But Bonny came back. Max, you were right in the supermarket. On the beach in England, the beggar accompanying Bonny with fireworks was, no, Howard. I have been living in the illusory happiness with the beggar for so long, but I never know that it was just Howard's revenge on me. He must have hated me so much that he refused to marry me. Therefore, he deceived me with a beggar who didn't exist at all. When I fell in love with him, he disappeared. He deliberately made me sad, desperate, and let me have nothing. He must be happy now! Max, I hate him so much... " Nina felt so regretful and started to cry.

"Wait! Nana! Is that true?" Although Max didn't like beggar, she knew very well about Howard's love and care for Nina. She couldn't tell it was not fake!

"I saw with my own eyes his intimacy with Bonny. I can't stand it, Max. If I continue to live with Howard, I will go crazy sooner or later, Max!"

"Nina, are you willing to give up the position of the Howard's wife to others?"

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