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   Chapter 106 each other's business is none of your business

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10054

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At last, Howard put down the documents in his hands. He looked up at Nina's angry face and snorted, "didn't you read the content when you signed the contract? You have signed a contract with the Hua Group for ten years. The one who violates the contract has to compensate ten million dollars for the other party. Got it? "

"Ten million!" Nina's eyes widened. She really didn't read the contract at the beginning, but simply signed her name on the contract in a rush. However, Howard was very nice to her at that time!

She didn't expect Howard to be so straightforward!

"Howard, since she doesn't want to work here anymore, let's let her go. There are so many women who can be the Secretary of the Hua financial tycoon." Bonny wanted to let her go immediately.

"The contract can't be changed randomly. Nina, please go back to work!" Howard said indifferently.

Nina was so upset! After leaving the CEO's office, she ran to the washroom and vomited. If Vivi didn't meet her by chance, she would have fainted in the washroom.

What a miserable hypocritical world!

Nina wanted to run away and she would never see Bonny and Howard's disgusting faces again.

However, they wouldn't let anyone go until it was off duty time and without the boss.

In the whole afternoon, Nina felt upset and listless.

she couldn't get rid of the image that Howard and Bonny were together.

It was time to get off work. Nina grabbed her bag and rushed into the elevator.

She thought that she couldn't go to Howard's villa tonight anyway. She had to go to her parents' home first and let her parents move to the Gangnam building, so that they would not have any connection with Howard anymore.

Nina ran to the bus stop and waited anxiously for the bus she was going to take.

However, before the bus arrived, a black lotus sports car suddenly stopped next to her.

Judging from the car's sound, it was not strange that Nina recognized that it was sent by Howard! 'his cars are either a Lamborghini or a lotus. he plays luxury cars in all kinds of ways every day. How could he have lived such a debauched life with a beggar back then?

When Nina thought of the beggar, she wanted to escape.

Now she believed that Howard pretended to be a beggar in order to tease her. As for the reason, it should be retaliation for more than two hundred times of rejecting marriage! But, Howard, why did you pretend to be a big tail? Why did you wear a mask all the time.

It was useless to say anything now. She really regretted that she loved beggar so deeply and so seriously!

"Nina Where are you going? " He grasped Nina's arm with his big hand.

Look, in front of Bonny, Howard didn't even want to call her baby.

Or fear?

Howard was as strong as him. How could he be afraid of somebody too?

Nina shook off his hand and said, "it's time to get off work, Mr. Howard. You can date with your girlfriend, and I'll take the same path. We can walk on our own, okay?"

A storm ga

a businessman as well as an investor. But as I said, I will never do a business that is at a loss. Therefore, if I decide to withdraw the capital, your father will bear all the losses. Do you understand? "

"Mr. Howard, you are such a despicable man. I shouldn't have trusted you. I'm so sorry..." Nina cried in despair.

"Well, don't cry. We're home now. It's not good to let the servants see us, right?" As Howard's car arrived at the villa in the suburb, the automatic door separated slowly, and he drove in.

The car stopped steadily. Nina opened the door and got off. She slammed the door with a loud bang.

The servants tried their best to see what happened. They saw that there were tears on Nina's face and indifference in Howard's eyes. They didn't dare to speak and each of them was busy with their own schemes.

"Howard, I'm coming. You can't get rid of me."

Nina looked back and saw Bonny tottering in with her suitcase.

She had already changed into a black tight coat, a cotton rag skirt and a pair of black leather boots. From a distance, she looked awkward.

It didn't matter for Howard to wear any clothes.

"Great. Give the luggage to the servant." Howard said lazily.

"Nina, take my luggage in." With that, Bonny held Howard's arm.

Lowering his head, Howard said to Bonny, "there are many servants in my family. Why do you fall in love with Nina?"

"Really?" Bonny smiled, with her eyes narrowed, "this means I like her. Can't I?"

Howard nodded and said to the servant in the garden, "take Bonny's luggage to the guest room for Nina."

"Howard, why do I have to live in a guest room? I want a room with you, okay? "

"Bonny, that's not OK. Don't have an improper desire on me, understand?" He warned.

"But it's too late. You didn't say it when I was one year old and had an improper desire for you when I was two. So you can't escape!" Bonny turned her head and said to the servant, "you and Nina take my luggage to Howard's bedroom, remember?"

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