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   Chapter 105 Bonny came back

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10066

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Right, it was Bonny.

The reason why she came to China was that she found that black wind hadn't killed Nina.

When Bonny knew that Nina had moved into the Howard's villa, she was even more furious. So she told this to Allen.

Mr. Allen was in a towering rage and decided to call Mr. Howard.

Bonny said calmly, "Grandpa, don't be angry. Leave it to me, okay?"

"Are you going to China?" Asked Allen.

"Yes, grandfather. I really want to see how good Nina is to me. She never thinks about escaping. Grandfather knows that, right?"

"Then I'll call Howard and ask him to pick you up at the airport. What do you think?"

"No, Grandpa. You are busy. I can take a taxi to go back."

In this way, without informing Howard, Bonny came to China.

Nina stood still with her head down.

Bonny looked at her.

"Your name is Nina?" Bonny said with a huge smile, "what a coincidence. We met here?"

Would the rivals in love hate to see each other?

But Nina was unfriendly to Bonny, "I don't know you, do I?"

"Haha It doesn't matter. I know you. " Bonny smiled and reached out her hand to Nina, "my name is Bonny. Do you often hear about me from Howard?"

Nina didn't hold Bonny's hand. She just said lightly, "Hello, but Mr. Howard has never mentioned you."

Bonny raised her eyebrows, "really? Haha, Nina, don't attempt to take my Howard from me. I tell you, he can only belong to me. You'd better remember that. "

"I think you have misunderstood. Howard and I are just superior and subordinate, not as you think. I hope you don't make a wild guess." Nina thought she was stupid. Why didn't she tell her that she had married a beggar?

But, even if she told her, Bonny would never know who the beggar was?

Even a beggar didn't exist now!

She said she had married a beggar. Why should she care?

No one in the world knew beggar at all?

Even if he didn't say that he was a beggar, who would say that?

Who dared to say that?

Was it Ethan? 'he is the follower of Mr. Howard. he will follow him no matter what he says!' thought Nina!

To be exact, she had nothing to do with Mr. Howard. Mr. Howard was just her superior subordinate.

"Well, since you are trying your best to deny the relationship between you and Mr. Howard, I ask you to move out of his villa, okay?" Bonny said aggressively.

Nina took a deep breath. If she agreed with this, she would give her beggar husband to Bonny?

It was so pitiful.

Nina stood up straight. "I'm sorry. If Mr. Howard asked me to move, I think I would move immediately. But Miss Bonny seems to have no reason to do so, right?"

She was so thin that she didn't like to wear high heels.

Bonny was a martial artist. She was a little better than Nina.

So Bonny looked at her with a condescending attitude.

Bonny smiled in an arrogant way. Her eyes flashed with malice. She reached out her hand and grabbed Nina's neck, forcing her to the elevator wall. She said, "Nina, don't be reckless. If it w

said, "Mr. Howard, if there's nothing else, I'll go out."

"Howard..." Bonny shouted with dissatisfaction.

"Would you like a cup of coffee?" Howard said coldly.

Nina bit her lips, turned around and went out.

Yes! But now, Howard was not her beggar husband, but her boss.

She had to obey his order!

After Nina finished speaking, she walked toward the tea room, touching the sweat on her nose. There was coffee which had been prepared long ago. It was made by Edward for Howard.

She poured herself a cup, thinking that if it was Max who was standing here, she would surely spit two spits into the coffee.

Said Nina with a smile. She didn't know how to cook.

She came back with a cup of coffee in her hand, but Bonny was still clinging to Howard.

Howard must enjoy it very much, doesn't he? It seemed that he didn't want to turn her down.

Nina was jealous.

She put the coffee in front of Bonny unhappily. "Mr. Howard, anything else?"

"What about mine?" he asked

Nina gnashed his teeth in anger, "Mr. Howard, why didn't you tell me the whole thing?"

'Howard, don't say it out loud. Will you die?'? 'perhaps Nina is just a cheap woman. he intentionally walked me this way!'!

Shit! You are a dog, not me.

"Just do what I told you. Cut the crap!" Bonny said scornfully, casting a glance at Nina.

Nina gazed at Howard and he casually looked at the papers.

In the end, she came to the tea room and made another cup of coffee.

"Oh, hi, Nina. Why didn't I add sugar in my coffee? Oops, it's bitter. Could you please come again?" Bonny suddenly shouted after she had drunk half a cup of coffee.

Nina was angry.

She said angrily, "Mr. Howard, I want to resign. I don't want to work here anymore."

If she would serve the two people in the future, it was better not to do this job. No matter how tired she was, she would also feel depressed.

'son of a bitch! You said you loved me, but now you have a woman. What did he want to do to her.

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